7 Tips For Effective Online Teaching With PDF Reader Pro

Thu. 17 Dec. 202023283min

Because of the The COVID-19 pandemic, online teaching continues in many countries and regions, and will not go away in a short time. For teachers, it is not a new thing anymore, but even if it has become routine, you can always find some tips to improve the whole teaching process. Now, let us discover how PDF Reader Pro can help you teach online.


Tips For Effective Online Teaching With PDF Reader Pro

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1. Read as You Like


Like traditional offline teaching, to prepare for online teaching, teachers need to spend a lot of time reading documents, especially PDFs. And PDF Reader Pro, as its name indicates, can bring you a professional PDF reading experience. 


When reading PDFs on computers, PDF Reader Pro enables you to choose multi-tab viewing or split view mode, making it easier for multitasking. You can also change theme color as you like and to please your eyes. 


If you need to distribute materials to students for remote learning, PDF is the best file format, too. Because distance learning relies on electronic devices, and each student uses different devices, systems or software, some other file formats, such as Word, may lead to inconsistencies in formatting and imperfect reading experience.



2. Annotate and Grade 


PDF Reader Pro can also make it easier for teachers to annotate and grade assignments. With the help of a set of powerful annotation tools, including highlight, underline, strikethrough, freehand, text box, anchored note, stamp and more, you can point out mistakes and add comments easily.


After you finish annotating assignments, PDF Reader Pro allows you to share and send it to students as a flattened copy, ensuring that the feedback you give can be accurately communicated and will not be modified.



3. Edit PDF Directly


The reason why many people don't like saving files in PDF format is that PDF is not easy to edit. But PDF Reader Pro can help you wipe out the worry, because it supports you to edit and modify the text in PDF directly on Mac.


The “ Edit PDF” tool lets you replace, edit, add, or delete text in a PDF. You can correct typos, modify text, change fonts color and text size. This saves a lot of time and effort for teachers compared to converting PDF to Word format and then modifying it and finally converting it back to PDF.



4. Merge PDFs Into One


One of the changes about teaching online at home is that you don't need to face piles of paper documents or reference books, but you must have a lot of electronic documents in your computer storage, and managing them is not an easy task.


If the content of some PDF documents is similar or coherent, then merging is a good choice, and you can reorder, delete, replace, insert pages before merging. In this way, you can organize files and find documents in a more convenient and efficient way, and your computer desktop will look neater.


Merge PDFs Into One

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5. Reduce File Size


As time goes on, the number of electronic documents you save is only increasing.

Another thing you should consider is to compress the files to ensure that they do not take up too much space. Furthermore, the compressed files are better for sharing. 


Using PDF Reader Pro to compress PDF files on Mac is effortless. You can choose the desired quality of the compressed document, and batch compressing is also supported. With a smaller size, the file can be sent faster, downloading and opening the file becomes easier for students, too.



6. Show PDF as PPT


When teaching online, teachers use mostly powerpoint or keynote, but have you ever thought that the PDF files you have on hand can be directly presented as slideshows? As long as you have a PDF Reader Pro installed on your computer.


Certainly, converting PDF to PowerPoint is a way, PDF Reader Pro can also achieve it. But the slideshow mode is a quicker solution. You can set the page transition effect, duration and extent to make a perfect presentation, or use the laser pen to help your presentation.



7. Scan and Digitize 


Although online teaching is more related to electronic documents, we also understand that sometimes teachers need to share a page/pages from paper documents or books with students. No need for a bulky scanner, a mobile phone with PDF Reader Pro can do it for you.


Simply taking a photo does not look professional, but PDF Reader Pro turns your phone into a mobile scanner, letting you crop and add filters first, then save and share the scanned file as PDFs. You can even convert your scan into text with built-in OCR technology on iOS, so students can copy and search the content.





We hope these tips will be helpful to all hard-working teachers. In addition, PDF Reader Pro not only provides powerful functions continuously, but also provides a 50% off special educational offer for all educators. If you want to get a bulk education offer for VPP purchase, please feel free to complete this form or contact us at [email protected] and we will try our best to support you.




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