7 Best Apps to Help You Go Paperless

Fri. 11 Dec. 202037422

In the previous article, we have introduced Top 5 Benefits of Paperless Office, yet we know that transitioning from a paper-based office to a paperless office is not easy. To help, here are 7 best office apps that will make going paperless a breeze.



1. Google Drive

Google Drive

The first step to go fully paperless is to utilize online storage services from now on. And Google Drive is the choice of most people.

You can directly use it online through a browser (not necessarily Google Chrome!), or download a mobile app to view/edit/organize documents anytime, anywhere, and share with colleagues or customers through links. All these make collaborative work more convenient and productive, without any need for paper in the process.

Free download on iOS and Android


2. Evernote


In the paperless office era, everyone needs a personal file management software, and Evernote is the one you should always consider.

Evernote helps you get rid of unnecessary pieces of paper by allowing you to take notes, make to-do lists, collect information, create mind maps and more. It is like a personal digital filing cabinet to keep everything together in one place. And you can access them from any of your devices with the same Evernote account.

Free download on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android


3. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro

The documents on hand need to be digitized? Try PDF Reader Pro on iOS/Android, which is not only a powerful PDF reader and editor, but also a practical PDF scanner.

With PDF Reader Pro installed on your phones, you will get a portable scanner that converts paper documents into digital files, and the powerful OCR function helps recognize text for better editing. Besides, PDF Reader Pro can fulfil all your document needs, which makes it a must-have software for a paperless office, too.  

Free download on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android


4. DottedSign


Nowadays, many people still print out documents before signing, but with the help of E-signature software, you can omit this step and move towards a paperless office.

DottedSign allows you to easily create, sign, and send contracts and purchase orders right from your mobile device, replacing the need for a printer or scanner. And it ensures the confidentiality of paperless e-signing with an encrypted communication process, secure passwords, and digital audit trails for future evidence.

Free download on iOS and Android


5. Camcard 


Another paper use that you might overlook is business cards, and to store them is a hassle. At this time, you need CamCard, a virtual rolodex.

Simply snap a photo of a business card and it extracts information like company name, job title, email address, and phone number for you to add to the contact list and share with colleagues. Also, you can create your own e-card and exchange it with other CamCard users, skipping paper cards altogether.

Free download on iOS, Windows and Android


6. Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Everyone knows the importance of instant communication software in the paperless office era, especially when more people are working remotely these days.

Apps like Skype for Business allow you to communicate with each other in real-time without worrying about paper memos, reports and other documents occupying your workspace. Furthermore, you can schedule meetings online and share materials with the help of aforementioned apps to achieve more efficient collaboration.

Free download on Mac, iOS, Windows and Android


7. Expensify


There are also troublesome expense reports. With all the receipts to print, scan or staple, processing the task can become a headache for everyone involved.

And Expensify helps remove paper from the whole process. All you need is to scan receipts and simply add them to the expense report. Changes and additions can be completed quickly. This handy app also automatically captures information such as dates, names, locations, and expense amounts from your receipts. 

Free download on iOS and Android

Final Thoughts

Some of the recommended apps are well-known, and some may be new to you, but if you want to go paperless, all these apps are indispensable. More importantly, if you are willing to share the information with your colleagues or customers, and have them on board, then a fully paperless office is not far.

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