How to Open Multiple PDFs at Once with PDF Reader Pro

Fri. 07 Apr. 20236463 Mins

Today, digital information has become ubiquitous. Therefore, it is common to come across several documents and files on your devices. For many people, PDFs have become the go-to format for sharing, storing and presenting information. In certain cases, you may need to simultaneously examine several PDF files, side-by-side, or even compare them for greater insights or highlighting noteworthy material. This article provides an answer to the question of how to open multiple PDFs together and recommends one of the most convenient tools to achieve this - PDF Reader Pro.


Which Industries Require to Open Multiple PDFs at Once?

It is common for businesses across different industries to open and view multiple PDF documents simultaneously on their computer. However, some industries require this more frequently in their daily operations. 

  • Law Firm 

One such field that deals with a lot of PDFs is the legal industry. Law firms deal with numerous legal documents, court filings, contracts, and agreements, among other paperwork. For example, lawyers need to examine multiple witness statements, transcripts, and evidence gathered from different parties involved in a case in order to formulate a solid defense for their clients. 


  • Financial Industry

People in the financial industry, such as accountants, financial advisors, and bankers, are also extremely reliant on PDF files for storing, reviewing, and sharing crucial financial data. They may need to access multiple documents to compare financial statements, audit reports, and balance sheets at once. 


  • Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare sector, patient medical records, lab reports, and insurance forms are typically stored and shared as PDF documents. Physicians and medical staff in hospitals and clinics need to access multiple PDFs at once to review patient history, treatment plans, and medication updates. The education sector, including teachers, professors, and researchers, also make extensive use of PDF documents. They may need to view multiple research papers, academic journals, and lesson plans side-by-side. 


  • Architect & Engineer

Finally, architects and engineers are heavily dependent on PDFs when it comes to building plans, blueprints, and schematics. Their need to open multiple floor plans and 3D models at once while working on a project makes PDF reader software an essential tool for their business operations. 


In conclusion, various industries depend on the ability to view multiple PDF files side-by-side, for comparisons, analyses, and more efficient workflow management.


PDF Reader Pro - Best PDF Manager to Open Multiple PDFs at Once with Ease

PDF Reader Pro is an all-around solution with sophisticated and various features to help you lighten your workload. PDF Reader Pro is available in both Windows and Mac. Here is a quick way to open multiple PDFs at once.



1. Download PDF Reader Pro for Windows here;

2. Click Open File and select file to open;

3. To open multiple PDFs at once,

    • Select plus button (+) to add a new tab -> Select file;

    • Or choose File -> Open Files -> Select file;

    • Or tap Open Files in the Menu bar -> Select file;

4. Press CTRL key to select multiple files at once or drag and select multiple files with your mouse;

5. A pop-up window will appear, select Open a new tab in the same window



Each PDF you open will open in a new tab like in a web browser. Click on tabs to navigate and you can open as many PDFs as you want.




1. Download PDF Reader Pro for Mac here;

2. At Home page, tap Open File and select file you want to open,

3. To open multiple PDFs at once, 

    • Click this plus icon (+) to add a new tab -> Select another PDF to open;

    • Or choose File in the main menu -> Open -> Choose PDF;

4. Press Command to select multiple PDFs at once or drag and select multiple files with your mouse;



5. To view two PDFs side by side, select Display in the toolbar;

6. In the property panel on the right side, select the Split mode you want;



7. Then select the desired file. Choosing split view will give you a comparison view between the files and enables you to compare the contents of both files side by side.



PDF Reader Pro is the most reliable and efficient tool that allows you to open multiple PDFs at once easily. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and excellent performance, boost this software to be a must-have tool for anyone who frequently deals with PDF files. Whether you work in a law firm, finances, healthcare industry, or engineering, you can enjoy the benefits of having PDF Reader Pro on your device. So, why waste time and effort? Switch to PDF Reader Pro today and streamline your workflow like never before. Click here to learn more about other powerful features. Download and try PDF Reader Pro now!

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