5 Best PDF Apps for Windows in 2022

Fri. 02 Sep. 202267443 Mins

As long as you pay a little attention, you will find that your life and work have almost been surrounded by PDFs. Business contracts, legal provisions, W-2 forms, personal resumes, e-books, and other kinds of documents, are all in PDF format. Compared with other formats, such as Word, PDF is more stable. When sharing PDF files with others, the layout and font of files will not be misplaced. With a smaller size, PDF can save documents in higher quality. No matter what the device or system, PDF is perfectly compatible. However, when you want to edit a PDF, you will find it‘s very difficult, or even impossible.


At this time, it’s necessary to edit PDFs by using a PDF Reader & Editor. An excellent PDF App can provide you with various functions, including reading mode, annotation, editing, converting and signing, etc. to make your life and work more convenient and efficient. Here, we have written a list of recommendations for you, mainly for Windows, 5 best PDF Apps in 2023. From powerful and all-in-one PDF Reader Pro to professional Adobe Acrobat DC, from Nitro PDF to PDF-XChange, and Sumatra PDF is also included. Try Them For Free Today.


  1. PDF Reader Pro for Windows
  2. Adobe Acrobat DC
  3. PDF-XChange
  4. Sumatra PDF
  5. Nitro PDF


PDF Reader Pro for Windows

PDF Reader Pro for Windows, we recommend this all-in-one PDF App for you first. 


Beloved and trusted by 90M users, PDF Reader Pro is one of the best PDF Reader and Editor for Windows in 2023. It combines PDF Reader and PDF Editor in one and provides lots of features for users. There are lots of features that can be divided into two categories, reading and editing.


For reading PDF:

  1. Use Reading Mode for concentration.
  2. Split Screen to read two different parts of the same files at the same time.
  3. Choose the Themes of files for a better reading experience.
  4. Comment PDFs by adding annotations, including highlights, underlines, notes, freehand drawings, and more.
  5. More Features are waiting for you to use!


For editing PDF:

  1. Edit PDF text easily as edit Word.
  2. Fill out Forms and sign PDFs.
  3. OCR (Optical Characters Recognition)
  4. Convert PDF to lots of file formats, including Word, Excel, Image, and so on.
  5. Compress large PDF files.
  6. Merge PDF easily.
  7. Edit PDF Pages as inserting, rotating, extracting, and more.
  8. Redact key information for security guarantee.
  9. More features are waiting for you!


In addition, PDF Reader Pro is easy to use, especially for people who are not familiar with PDF. The interface is simple with logic UI, and the partition of functions is clear too. Whether you have experience in using PDF tools or not, it is simple and easy to use PDF Reader Pro to help you accomplish your editing needs. ​​Before you start using PDF Reader Pro, you can get a Quick Start Guide, and if you encounter operational problems, FAQs are also prepared for you.


PDF Reader Pro also provides Volume License for both individual users and businesses. There are many solutions for business, education, legal, healthcare, and more, which can make it easy to find methods for better workflow. 


PDF Reader Pro for Windows is compatible with up to ten Windows systems. You can download it and have a free trial now! 


Adobe Acrobat DC

If you are looking for a professional PDF App, then Adobe Acrobat DC is perfect for you. 


This PDF App provides you with plenty of editing features, including annotations, forms, electronic signatures, and many other functions. With other products of Adobe, such as Adobe Cloud, you can work more efficiently. After editing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat DC, you can synchronize the PDF to Adobe Cloud, then opening and editing on any device and time are possible.


As a highly professional PDF App, Adobe Acrobat DC has pros and cons. People who are familiar with PDF tools can use this App for various advanced operations on PDF. But if you only need to read and edit easily, Adobe Acrobat DC will not be your first choice. 


At the same time, exporting PDFs with Adobe Acrobat DC is slow, so if you have high requirements for exporting speed, you can look at the next PDF App we recommend.



The next recommended PDF tool is PDF-Xchange, a fast PDF App.


PDF-Xchange loads quickly, which means you don't have to spend too much time waiting for it to load when you use it. Meanwhile, it provides a series of basic functions, you can annotate PDF documents, edit PDF, add QR codes and custom stamps to PDFs. It is worth mentioning that PDF-XChange is updated quickly and every time it is updated, it will bring you some feature optimization.


The interface of PDF-XChange is more disordered than other PDF Apps, but you can customize the toolbar as you like. In addition, you need to pay extra attention to the fact that if you do not purchase the product, all the PDF documents that have been operated will carry the watermark of PDF-XChange.


Sumatra PDF

The fourth recommendation is Sumatra PDF, the biggest feature of this PDF App is lightweight.


You can download and install this PDF App on your Windows system freely. Sumatra PDF is a small PDF App. Its 64-bit installer is only about 5MB in size, which does not take up much space at all. Because of its small size, it is also very fast to open, easy to use and convenient. Because of the same reason, Sumatra PDF cannot edit PDF files whose sizes are over 10M. 


Sumatra PDF provides you with an intuitive and fast reading experience with multiple viewing modes, including single page, double page, book mode, and more. As a PDF tool, Sumatra PDF can meet your reading needs well, but if you need more advanced editing features, such as annotations, document signatures, forms, etc., it can't provide them.


Nitro PDF

The last one is Nitro PDF, a PDF tool dedicated to electronic signatures.


The biggest highlight of Nitro PDF is the e-signature, which was recognized as a leader in the 2023 GigaOm e-signature radar report, indicating that its e-signature feature is fantastic. Through electronic signatures to improve workflow and enhance efficiency, if you need such a PDF App for you and your team, this is a good choice.


The interfaces of Nitro PDF and Microsoft Office are very similar, which makes Nitro PDF very suitable for people who usually use Microsoft Office. Features of Nitro PDF are not as rich as other PDF Apps, but also avoid some unnecessary features, making the use very smooth and simple.


But there are still some shortcomings for Nitro PDF. You cannot directly edit the text of PDF files, which is inconvenient for users. Besides, Nitro PDF only provides users with a free trial version which is different from the paid version.


The above is the recommended 5 PDF Apps for Windows in 2023. In general, PDF Reader Pro has the best overall performance and the most powerful features. Whether you need to convert PDF or encrypt PDF, add an electronic signature or fill out the form, PDF Reader Pro can provide you with the best experience. Powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use, and compatible with all systems, you can download and try it for free now!


More Information:

- What is PDF?

PDF is an acronym whose full name is Portable Document Format. PDF is a versatile file format that was created by Adobe. 


- Why has PDF become so popular?

  1. stable: the layout and font of files will not be misplaced when you share PDFs with others.
  2. compatibility: you can open and view PDF files on various devices.
  3. high quality: PDF can preserve your file in high quality.
  4. easy to present and exchange: compared with other file formats, PDF is easier to present and exchange. 
  5. security: you can set passwords to protect your PDF files.
  6. reduction of file size: you can compress large PDF files for faster sharing or transfer without loss of quality.


- What should we pay attention to when choosing the best PDF Apps?

How to choose the best PDF App? The best method is to figure out what your desire is. For example, if you want to edit PDF Text, you should choose a PDF App with a powerful editing tool.

  1. easy-to-use: easy-to-use for users is an important element when choosing the best PDF App.
  2. fast loading: You can save a lot of time if the PDF App loads fast.
  3. free trial: Only if you use the PDF App in practice, you can figure out the difference among so many PDF softwares. Click to download and have a free trial now!


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