Why a PDF License Volume Purchase Program is Valuable for Businesses

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A PDF license Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is essential for large business operations and purchases.
Why a PDF License Volume Purchase Program is Valuable for Businesses

What would you do if you wanted to purchase, deploy and manage software in bulk for organizations? Purchasing software in volume is easy, but finding an efficient way to distribute and manage them can take time and effort. 

And usually, this process may come with a higher Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and time cost. Not to worry, PDF Technologies understands your business and keeps surprising our users’ needs in the work environment. So we initiated the Volume Purchase Program solution for business and you can scroll down to find more details. 

The PDF Reader Pro Volume Licensing Program (VPP), powered by the PDF Technologies team, is a professional service for businesses to help streamline your workflow of purchasing, deploying, and managing PDF licenses in batches. 

By becoming a VPP customer, you can lower your cost in TCO and free up more time to focus on important tasks. Of course, you’ll want to know the extended benefits of this program. 


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Benefits Of PDF Technologies' Volume Purchase Program

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All business should be valuable, and we bring the same worth to our VPP customers. Let’s take a look at the benefits of our business program:

  • Robust License Management: The VPP offers an online tool, PDF Tech Console, to manage your licenses effectively. As a PDF Reader Pro VPP customer, you or your authorized admins can monitor the status of every license, track activations, manage license expiration times, and even create and manage teams, thus reducing your TCO.

  • Versatile Deployment Options: We cater to diverse business requirements with our wide array of licensing options - Registration Licensing, Named User Licensing, Shared Device Licensing, Server License, and more. These meet your varying security and network needs, enhancing your convenience.

  • Streamlined Purchasing Process: With our One-Click Online Purchase, buying PDF Reader Pro in volume is a breeze. Plus, discounts are automatically applied based on purchase volumes, ensuring value for money.

  • Multi-platform License Support: Distribute licenses seamlessly across different devices and users as per your team's requirements, offering more flexibility and user-friendliness.

  • Customized VPP Service: Should you have unique volume purchasing needs or if you're an authorized distributor, corporate reseller, or OEM corporate reseller, feel free to get in touch for collaboration.

  • Incremental Discount Plans: Our pricing plans are designed to provide greater value to PDF Reader Pro customers, offering tier-based discounts depending on your subscription type. The more licenses you purchase, the higher your savings.


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How to Access PDF Technologies' Volume Purchase Program

Wondering how to become a part of our VPP and enjoy the benefits? Here’s how to proceed.

You can purchase directly from our official website. Simply navigate to Business -> Volume Licensing -> Purchase Online.

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For customized VPP requirements, fill out our online contact form or reach us via email at [email protected].

We’re also a part of Apple's volume purchase program. To access discounts on purchases of 20+ units, visit the Mac AppStore.

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Understanding the Volume Purchase Program

A Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a scheme provided by software companies that allows businesses, institutions, or organizations to buy software licenses in bulk. The primary objective of such a program is to facilitate and streamline the procurement process for large-scale software deployment.

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These programs typically come with many benefits and incentives for buyers, as it caters to their unique needs. It may include flexible payment options, ease of license management, and varying levels of customer support.

One of the key advantages of a VPP is the potential cost savings. Because you're purchasing licenses in bulk, software companies often offer discounts based on the volume of the purchase. The more licenses you buy, the more substantial your savings could be.

Another significant advantage is the convenience of centralized management. In most VPPs, you gain access to a management console or platform, where you can easily distribute software, assign and revoke licenses, and monitor usage across your organization.

Moreover, a VPP can offer more customization and flexibility compared to individual purchases. Depending on your organization's needs, you may have the option to choose different types of licenses (like named user licensing, device licensing, etc.), decide on the length of the license term, and select other specific features that cater to your unique requirements.

In essence, a Volume Purchase Program simplifies the process of buying, deploying, and managing software licenses for businesses, leading to cost savings, better software management, and a more streamlined IT infrastructure.

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How To Master Your Volume Purchase Program

When you want to handle PDF files in your organization, a Volume Purchase Program (VPP) can be your lifesaver. This is a system offered by companies like Adobe Acrobat that allows entities to buy single licenses for software in bulk. It's an excellent strategy to manage your plans and effectively request signatures on your PDF forms.

One highlight of a VPP is the substantial cost savings. With the more individual licenses you procure, the less the overall license cost, courtesy of volume discounts. This means that whether you're handling 2-10 users or more, you can spread your licenses among users more affordably. However, be aware of potential license consequences if mismanaged.

A vital aspect of the VPP is the access it grants to an admin console. This tool enables you to control your Could, making it easy to distribute software, assign and revoke licenses, as well as track usage. This is particularly useful when dealing with popular file types, such as PDF files, as you can assign edit permissions to PDF files and manage rights to files efficiently.

Another advantage is the vast range of features a VPP offers. From core features to additional PDF features, the VPP allows for a comprehensive manipulation of PDF forms. With PDF Reader Pro, for instance, you can request signatures on your documents, a vital part of form filling. This electronic signature solution supports both PKI-based digital signatures and self-sign digital signatures, making your form creation process seamless.

A VPP's customization level extends to offering enterprise applications that allow for seamless form filling on your digital forms and fillable PDF form. 

In conclusion, a Volume Purchase Program is a convenient tool for organizations looking to manage their PDF needs. Whether you're seeking extra features, future feature updates, or mobile features, VPPs can be tailored to meet these needs effectively. However, always keep in mind the user fees and stay informed about product feature enhancements to ensure you're maximizing the value of your investment.

Maximize Your Business Budget With Our Volume Purchase Program

At PDF Technologies, we prioritize customer relationships, constantly striving to improve our services based on your feedback. We initiated the PDF Reader Pro Volume Licensing Program (VPP) with a clear understanding of your business needs. We're here to simplify your software management while maximizing value, all in an effort to help your business thrive.

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