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Foxit vs. PDF Reader Pro: Comparing PDF Note-Taking Apps

Use our handy guide to uncover the difference between Foxit and PDF Reader Pro and compare these PDF note-taking apps to see which suits your needs best.
Foxit vs. PDF Reader Pro: Comparing PDF Note-Taking Apps

Choosing the right PDF note-taking app is not just a decision; it's an investment in your productivity. Join us as we explore the unparalleled capabilities of PDF Reader Pro, positioning it as the epitome of efficient and feature-rich note-taking software for Windows, Mac, and more, surpassing even its formidable competitor, Foxit and other PDF Readers like Adobe Acrobat.

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Annotation Features Pricing
PDF Reader Pro
  • Sticky Notes
  • Redaction
  • Digital Signature
  • E-Stamps
  • Highlighting
  • Tables
  • Free
  • Permanent License - $79.99
  • Premium License - $59.99
  • Notes
  • Redaction
  • Digital Signature
  • E-Stamps 
  • Highlighting
  • Measurement
  • PDF Editor Suite Pro - $16.50 /month
  • PDF Editor Suite - $13.50/month



Annotation Prowess in Note-Taking Apps

When it comes to annotation your PDF documents with digital signatures and other powerful tools, these note-taking apps stack up with the best. 

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Known for its sophisticated annotation toolkit, Foxit takes digital note-taking to new heights. With an array of PDF features like markup options, including highlights, comments, and drawing tools, Foxit empowers users to annotate with precision. Advanced features like text editing within PDFs and the ability to embed multimedia elements make Foxit reader a versatile choice for those who demand more from their note-taking experience.

Image Source: Foxit


Not to be outdone, PDF Reader Pro steps into the ring with a comprehensive set of annotation tools. From the basics of highlighting and underlining to advanced features like shape recognition and dynamic stamps, this app offers a diverse range of options for users to personalize their documents. The focus on simplicity and effectiveness in annotation makes PDF Reader Pro a contender for those seeking a user-friendly experience.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Navigating the User Interface on Note-taking Apps

In the realm of user interfaces, our note-taking software strikes the perfect balance between power and intuitiveness.


Sleek & Intuitive: Foxit PDF editor is known for its sleek and intuitive design, offering users an interface that seamlessly blends elegance with the functionality of its key features. However, when compared to our software, it may fall short of providing the depth and customization that power users crave.

Image Source: Foxit


Robust & Feature-Rich: PDF Reader Pro presents a robust interface tailored for power users. While it may have a steeper learning curve, its feature-rich environment ensures that every tool you need is at your fingertips. For those who value depth and customization of complex features, this tool stands as the ultimate powerhouse.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Note-taking App Collaboration Tools

For professionals and students immersed in collaborative environments, we believe our tools to edit PDFs are the game-changer, redefining the art of teamwork.


Collaborative Symphony: Foxit PDF viewer orchestrates a collaborative symphony, allowing multiple users to seamlessly annotate and review digital forms in real-time. While it offers a dynamic work environment, the Foxit PDF reader falls short when it comes to shared reviews and collaborative document editing with markup tools.

Image Source: Foxit


Noteworthy Collaboration: PDF Reader Pro enters the collaborative arena with a robust set of features that go beyond the ordinary. Real-time collaboration on form fields, simultaneous annotation sharing, comment tracking, and collaborative document editing make our software the go-to choice for teams seeking a cohesive and interactive work environment.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Beyond Note-Taking App Use

As we conclude our journey, let's unravel the additional perks and unique offerings that make PDF Reader Pro the undisputed champion in the realm of PDF note-taking.


Arsenal of Extras: Foxit reader may excel in note-taking premium tools, but our software goes beyond expectations. Our app offers an advanced security solution, including password protection and document encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of your sensitive information. Seamless integration with cloud storage services ensures your documents are accessible to edit using advanced capabilities anytime, anywhere.

Image Source: Foxit


Holistic Solution: PRP complements note-taking with a holistic approach to PDF management and editing capabilities with access to editing tools and conversion tools. From text extraction to advanced search functionalities, our app provides a comprehensive PDF solution. Specialized tools for form filling and document signing position this app as the ultimate choice for diverse PDF needs.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

"PDF Reader Pro stands out as a powerhouse—robust, adaptable, and economically priced. It has become the cornerstone of my document management, meeting a broad spectrum of needs with ease."
Theodore Cipolla
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How to Annotate Using PDF Reader Pro on Windows

From basic highlights to advanced shape recognition, our app offers a versatile range of annotation tools. Personalize your documents effortlessly and elevate your PDF note-taking tool experience to new heights with basic annotation tools.

Step 1: Open Your PDF File

Click "Open File" or drag your document into the drop zone.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Step 2: Click "Tools" on the Menu

This will access advanced editing tools and markup tools.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Step 3: Apply Annotations

Click on the symbols to insert PDF editing tools, such as electronic signatures and notes. 

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


How to Annotate Using PDF Reader Pro on Mac

From intuitive highlighting to dynamic stamps, our app transforms the way you interact with PDFs. Seamlessly integrate a wide variety of annotations into your workflow for a user-friendly and effective note-taking experience.

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Step 1: Open Your PDF Editor

Click "Open File" from the navigation features or drag and drop your document. 

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Discover our method for redacting text as confidential in PDF Reader Pro.

Step 2: Click "Tools"

This will open advanced tools like sticky notes and other annotations. 

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


Step 3: Insert Annotations

Use our additional features like redaction tools or note-taking by clicking within the PDF.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro


"With PDF Reader Pro, the ability to convert, edit, and sign PDFs has never been more accessible and user-friendly."
Johan Müller
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Foxit vs. PDF Reader Pro: Note-taking App FAQs


What makes Foxit and PDF Reader Pro stand out among other PDF form note-taking apps?

Both apps stand out for their comprehensive set of features, including advanced annotation tools, collaboration capabilities, and user-friendly interfaces. The competitive edge lies in their ability to cater to diverse user preferences and needs with additional tools.

How do the annotation tools in advanced PDF viewers like Foxit and PDF Reader Pro differ?

Both Foxit and PDF Reader Pro offer robust annotation tools. Foxit is known for its sophisticated toolkit, empowering users with precision annotation, text editing within PDFs, and multimedia/image format embedding. Our software, on the other hand, provides a wide range of advanced editing features with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness, making it user-friendly.


Is PDF Reader Pro suitable for power users who require advanced features?

Absolutely. PDF Reader Pro caters to power users with its feature-rich environment. While it may have a steeper learning curve, the app ensures that users have a comprehensive array of tools at their fingertips, making it an ideal choice for those who value depth and customization in their note-taking experience.


How does collaboration using annotation features work in Foxit and PDF Reader Pro?

Foxit reader excels in collaboration with features like real-time annotation sharing and shared reviews, fostering dynamic teamwork. PDF Reader Pro also stands out, offering real-time collaboration, simultaneous annotation sharing, comment tracking, and collaborative document editing through the app's built-in tools. Both applications redefine teamwork in professional or academic settings. Our safety features also play a large role in the premium features that set us apart in this aspect. 


What additional perks, like security service, does Foxit desktop app offer beyond note-taking?

Foxit reader tools go beyond note-taking with an arsenal of extras, including advanced safety features like password protection and document encryption. Seamless integration with basic features like cloud services ensures accessibility to documents anytime, anywhere, enhancing the overall document management experience with premium features.


How does PDF Reader Pro provide a holistic solution for PDF reader app needs?

PDF Reader Pro complements note-taking with a holistic approach to PDF management. The app offers text extraction, advanced search functionalities, form filling, adding image files, and document signing of physical documents to digital, positioning itself as a comprehensive solution for various PDF file type requirements.


Can PDF Reader Pro be used on different platforms?

Yes, PDF Reader Pro is versatile and supports file formats on multiple major platforms, including Windows and Mac. This cross-platform compatibility ensures a seamless experience for users regardless of their device preferences.


Are there any notable differences in the suite of tools of Foxit and PDF Reader Pro?

Yes, there are notable differences. Foxit reader is renowned for its sleek and intuitive design, providing an interface that seamlessly blends elegance with functionality. PDF Reader Pro, on the other hand, presents a robust interface tailored for power users, offering depth and customization in a feature-rich environment of collaboration tools.


In the world of PDF note-taking, PDF Reader Pro emerges as the unrivaled champion, offering an unparalleled blend of annotation mastery, intuitive interfaces, collaboration excellence, and holistic solutions. Elevate your digital workspace, maximize productivity, and make every note count with PDF Reader Pro's range of features – the ultimate note-taking software.

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