Why do I Recommend You to Read PDF Files in the Read Mode?

Wed. 03 Aug. 202226543 Mins

Last Friday, my friend Jack sent me a message around 1:00 in the morning. He said that it took him a whole evening to read a PDF of only twenty pages. He was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. It seems impossible, so I asked him how he spent his time?


He replied trustily: “When I read the PDF documents, I often click on the toolbar by mistake. And the toolbar of the PDF software I use takes up a lot of space. This affects me to read seriously. So I read my PDF documents inefficiently.”. I am really surprised about his story. I asked him: “Don’t you know the function of the Read Mode?”. He shook his head.



All right, maybe this function is unimpressive, but it is really helpful for us to read PDF files. Today, we will talk about this function in detail.


1. What is the Read Mode?

2. Why should we use the Read Mode to read PDF files?

3. What scenarios are the Read Mode suitable for?

4. How to use the Read Mode in PDF Reader Pro?

5. Other display modes in PDF Reader Pro


What is the Read Mode?

The Read Mode is one of the display modes. When you’re reading a document in the Read Mode, you can hide all the toolbars and task panes to maximize the viewing area on your screen. The basic reading controls, such as page navigation and zoom, appear in a semi-transparent floating toolbar near the bottom of the window. 


Why should we use the Read Mode to read PDF files?

As you know, PDF documents become more and more popular. In order to give us a better reading experience, many PDF tools provide us with the Read Mode. It helps to enlarge the reading interface and tackle the dilemma of eye strain.


There is another significant trouble that we are facing. When our screen is filled with a variety of options, this makes it harder for us to focus on the content of PDF files. The Read Mode also can help us to keep ourselves focused because it hides all the toolbars and task panes. 


What scenarios are the Read Mode suitable for?

In our daily life, we can use the Read Mode in many scenarios. It is just that we often tend to overlook this function. Here are a few common scenarios as examples in our life to use the Read Mode. 


  • Scenario 1: In order to save time and money to buy some new books, or sometimes it is difficult for us to find rare edition books, more and more people like to download e-books on the internet. When we read the e-books in PDF files, it is really helpful to open the Read Mode. You will have a comfortable reading experience. 


  • Scenario 2: Many of us love to use PDF files to express our job duties. And our companies ask us to report our work once a week or a month. When we have to report our work in the conference room, we can open the PDF files in the Read Mode. In this way, your leader will see the content of your working document more clearly. 


  • Scenario 3: As a project manager, you will approve project information every day. It is so tired of you to read a lot of PDF documents. At this time, you can open the Read Mode to relieve your eye strain. After checking the PDF files, you also can exit the Read Mode and sign your signature at the end.



How to use the Read Mode in PDF Reader Pro?

PDF Reader Pro is the best PDF reader and viewer for Windows, and it is fully compatible with Windows. You can enjoy the advanced reading experience and all the user-friendly features to boost your productivity. How to open the Read Mode in PDF Reader Pro? There are three methods!


  • Method 1: In a document, click Page Display on the toolbar, choose the Display Mode and then choose View pages with the Read Mode.


  • Method 2: Right-click anywhere on the document page and choose the Read Mode On. You can right-click and choose the Read Mode Off to exit the Read Mode. 


  • Method 3: Click the icon of the Read Mode at the bottom of the reading interface.



Other display modes in PDF Reader Pro

There also are other modes to read PDF files in PDF Reader Pro. You can choose the best one for you to read!


  • Single Page: Displays only one page at a time in the PDF documents interface.
  • Two Page: Arrange pages side-by-side, and show only two pages at a time. 
  • Book Mode: If your document has more than two pages, the cover page of a PDF file is placed at the top. Other pages display side-by-side.
  • Full-Screen: It is a little bit like the Read Mode. But in Full-Screen mode, only the document appears; the menu bar, toolbars, task panes, and window controls are all hidden. 

Click here to learn more about How to Set Display Mode.


Come and learn how to use reading mode to have a nice reading experience in PDF Reader Pro! Don't let Jack’s tragedy happen to you! PDF Reader Pro not only has the Read Mode but also has a lot of other functions to improve reading efficiency. We are waiting for you to join us to have a special reading trip!


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