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Download Our 3 Favourite Reading Games

We've got 3 leading reading games, ranked from entry-level to advanced and challenging, to help you improve your dictation, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.
Download Our 3 Favourite Reading Games

I strongly believe that the best way to learn anything is through fun and interactivity, i.e., by playing games. That's why I wanted to talk about my three favourite reading games, suitable for both adults and children. 


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These games are designed to be challenging enough to stimulate the mind, but not so difficult that you struggle to beat the first level.

Check out my three favorite reading games below!

1. Beginner Level: Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter

Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter game showing cute pig
Image source: PBS KIDS

I strongly recommend PBS KIDS' "Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter" if you've just started reading and writing in English. 

This game cleverly reinvents the "paint-by-numbers" art style, replacing numbers with letters, which you need to correctly choose based on the narrator's instructions. 

For example, if the narrator asks you to pick the letter "A", and you correctly pick it from the three options, you will add a fresh coat of paint to a portion of your selected drawing

"The game might seem simple, but it's a great way to build your English vocabulary in a fun and relaxing way."
Image of Megon Venter
Megon Venter
B2B SaaS Content Writer

Check out our "Alpha Pig's Paint by Letter" demo below:

Take your time playing this game and develop your grasp of the English alphabet until you know it by heart.

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2. Intermediate Level:

Quizmo reading game loading  screen
Image source: PBS KIDS

Once you've mastered the alphabet, it's time to start building your English vocabulary with "Quizmo".

Who doesn't love quizzes? "Quizmo" is a series of entertaining multiple-choice questions in which a word's meaning is provided, and you must pick the correct word from a list. 

For example, you'll be provided with questions such as, "When an inventor finds something for the very first time, what is it called?"

You can then pick from the following answers: 

  1. an invention 
  2. a copy
  3. a discovery

Which answer did you give? If you chose anything but "a discovery," you might need to spend more time working with "Quizmo" to improve your vocabulary! 

Check out our "Quizmo" demo below: 

Playing "Quizmo" will greatly help you build your English vocabulary with its hundreds of word challenges.

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3. Advanced: Wordle

Wordle game with rows of empty blocks and the alphabet below
Image source: The New York Times

Now that you've solidly grasped the alphabet and grammar, it's time to test your reading skills.

"Wordle" is one of the best reading games we've ever played, but be warned, it's seriously challenging! 

"Millions of people play Wordle every day, and share, discuss and debate how they tried to win."
Image of Josh Katz
Josh Katz
Graphics Editor, The New York Times

The objective of The New York Times game is to guess a five-letter word with a total of six chances. Simply click or tap on the provided letters to form a word and confirm your guess.     

Your word will then appear in the first row of blank squares, with each letter falling into one of three categories:

  1. Black square: This letter is not part of the word. 
  2. Yellow square: This letter is part of the word, but it's in the wrong place. 
  3. Green square: This letter is part of the word, and it's in the right place. 

For example, if the "Wordle" of the day is "Brick", and you guessed "Cribs", your letters would be graded this way:

  1. C: Yellow
  2. R: Green
  3. I: Green
  4. B: Yellow
  5. S: Black

Check out our demo of the world-famous "Wordle" game below. 

I hope you're getting plenty of entertaining value from my three favorite reading games. I've got one more special game for you in store!

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Honorable Mention:

Connections game showing grid of words
Image source: The New York Times

I just had to include another of my favorite reading games, "Connections". This is another The New York Times reading game well worth your daily time. 

The rules are simple: create four groups, each group made up of four words. It all sounds straightforward, but the "Connections" game designers cleverly ensure the full collection of words includes some very ambiguous ones, with often vague connections. 

Click or tap on four words you believe form a group and then click or tap "Submit". If you were correct, the selected words will magically group together, and you'll have one of the four-word groups. 

Just make sure you don't rush. You only have four mistakes before it's "Game Over!"

Check out our "Connections" demo below.

You're on the right path to conquering the English language. We've got one more resource to help you on your journey.

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