How to Split and Merge PDF Files

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Do you feel overwhelmed when you need to split documents to rearrange your data? Do you feel like you have a headache when there are too many documents for you to find out? Have you experienced any similar things? It seems common in our life. When you face these insurmountable problems, how do you solve them? I will teach you a tip!

I will recommend you to use excellent software to split and merge PDF documents easily! As we know, PDF Reader Pro is the best choice. It is a nice PDF editor and makes document workflows just simpler and more convenient. 


1. Split PDF files quickly!

2. Combine PDF files easily!


Split PDF files quickly!

As a graduate, you will always need to export some data for analysis. During this time, you will feel troublesome to split the documents. Or maybe sometimes, the contents are lengthy, and you will want to extract the most important contents in your documents. What can you do in PDF Reader Pro?


- Method 1: Using the Split function.

In this way, you will have a fantastic experience in splitting PDF files. How to start your trip?

Step 1: You have to tap the icon of Split, then you can freely select the specified page to split the PDF file.

Step 2:You can choose to split by every 1 or more pages, split averagely to 1 or more PDF files, and split by page range.



- Method 2: Using the Extract function.

In PDF Reader Pro, you can extract pages or images in files. You also can split PDF files by using this function. How to do it?

Step 1:You just need to tap the icon of Extract, then you can choose to extract all pages, odd pages only, or even pages only.

Step 2:Then you can extract the pages you need and get a new PDF file.

Step 3:If you want to split by every 1 page, you can tick Each page in a separate file and click the Extract.

Step 4:If you want to extract only one page, you can choose the Custom Range and enter the page number you want.




Combine PDF files easily!

Why we should merge PDF files? There is a user of PDF Reader Pro. He works at a publishing house. He often collects the works of every author. Then he needs to merge all the works into a book. Similarly, you will want to expand on your original reading notes with something new when you go back to the book you have read. During this time, you will need this function.

In PDF Reader Pro, you can merge the currently opened PDF with another PDF or individual pages in another PDF file. So how can we merge PDF files in PDF Reader Pro?


- Method 1:Using the Merge function

Step 1:You have to tap the icon of Editor on the toolbar and choose the Merge to combine multiple PDF files into a new PDF document.

Step 2:Then you need to click the Add Files and choose the files you want to merge. You also can customize Page Range before merging.

Step 3:Finally, you just tap the icon of Merge.



- Method 2:Using the Insert function

There is another way to combine PDF files. Let us talk about how to merge PDF files using the Insert function.

Step 1:You need to tap the icon of Page Edit on the toolbar.

Step 2:You should click the icon of Insert.

Step 3:Then you can choose the Select a File.

Step 4:You can also customize the position of the inserted pages and adjust the page range after inserting.



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In the end, you will no longer have to worry about splitting and merging documents with the above methods! Come to download PDF Reader Pro to solve the problem of working with PDF files! Get a 7-day free trial of PDF Reader Pro now!

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