Top 5 Best PDF Splitter Apps for Windows in 2023

Fri. 30 Sep. 202236933 Mins

PDF files are currently used heavily in the workplace and our daily lives and their usage increases day by day. As we share and receive PDF files every day, we might get a little flustered with how much content we receive to organize. At times, you may only want a small part of the content of a document. Therefore, the need for smaller and easier-to-manage PDFs is also one of the main motivations for the emergence of the split PDF feature.


Split PDF is one of the essential features of PDF Reader software. With this feature, you can divide the document according to the size you need. This will become very handy when it comes to sharing your PDF. You can split your file to extract important pages in your file, or split your document by categories you want. That way, you can shrink your large files into pieces and send them by email with more convenience.


Choosing a PDF splitter app can be a tricky problem because not all PDF splitter apps work effectively. In the article below, we will show you the top 5 best PDF Splitter Apps for Windows, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. You can then decide based on the reference points that we have provided according to your needs.

1. PDF Reader Pro for Windows

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

3. IceCream PDF Splitter

4. PDFSam Basic

5. PDF Merger and Splitter


PDF Reader Pro for Windows

PDF Reader Pro Windows is the best PDF Splitter you can find right now. The main reason why we recommend this app is because it provides a wide variety of PDF split features that you can choose from to suit your needs. The interface of PDF Reader Pro Windows is also very intuitive making your user experience very efficient too.


  • PDF Reader Pro Windows offers various types of PDF split options that you can choose according to your needs. The first is, you can divide your whole PDF file according to how many pages you want per PDF or you can also divide your PDF file into how many PDF files you want. You can also split your PDF files according to odd or even numbers. Plus, it also enables you to split your PDF files according to the custom range you want.
  • Quick process of splitting PDF files and you won’t waste your precious time.
  • Apart from PDF Splitter, PDF Reader Pro Windows also provides you with a set of tools that make it easy to create, edit, convert PDF files, and more. It is stable and the features are rich which makes this app stand out from others.


  • PDF Reader Pro Windows is only available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese at the moment.


Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most popular PDF apps today. This program offers you many functions such as create, convert, sign PDF files, extract, compress, and also split PDFs among others.



  • Adobe Splitter offers you pretty good PDF split options to choose from. The split PDF feature is divided by the number of pages, top-level bookmarks, or maximum file size.

  • Supported by popular devices and browsers.



  • Some users have complained about the lengthy processes that make the PDF split process not as efficient as other software.

  • Subscription only, no one-time purchase; and subscriptions are expensive.


IceCream PDF Splitter

IceCream PDF Splitter and Merger is a very effective and easy-to-use PDF splitter app. You can use this software to split your PDF file into several parts. Here are some strengths and weaknesses that we found;



  • It provides many options to split PDF files including splitting your PDF into single-page files, dividing it into page groups, page ranges, and/or deleting parts of the file you don't need.



  • Unfortunately, IceCream PDF free version has a lot of limitations in limits and quantities so you can't experience the whole features.

  • The premium version is quite expensive.


PDFSam Basic

PDFSam Basic, better known as PDF Split and Merge is a desktop application available for Windows users. This software can make it easy for you to divide your PDF into several parts. Here are some strengths and weaknesses of PDFSam Basic:



  • It offers you 3 main Split functions namely: “Split every n pages”, “Split by even or odd pages”, and “Split after given page number”.
  • It also has a good interface that makes it easier for you to navigate.



  • There is no option to batch merge or split PDF files.
  • Unfortunately, only four of the main features of this app are available in the free trial version.


PDF Merger & Splitter

PDF Merger and Splitter focus on these two functions as their main features. You can split the PDF the way you want or extract and save the desired pages as your own PDF file. Here are some of the reference points you can consider;


  • The app lets you preview the pages you want to split to avoid mistakes.
  • Provide a free version.


  • When you try to merge or split a large PDF file, you might experience a crash.
  • This app only offers split and merge features so the user experience might not be as good as the others.


More Information:

How to Split a PDF file on PDF Reader Pro Windows?

1. Download PDF Reader Pro Windows here;

2. Open the file with PDF Reader Pro Windows;

3. Click Page Edit on the Toolbar;

4. Choose Split and select the Split Methods;


There are three Split Methods that we provided:

a. Split PDF files by a certain number of page(s).

b. Split PDF files averagely into a certain number of PDF file(s).

c. Or split by page range(odd number, even number) and the custom range where you can customize the desired page(s) you need for example; 2, 3-5, 10 which means that page 2, 3 to 5, and 10 would become one file.



5. Click Split;

6. Choose an output folder and the split files will be saved in the selected folder.

You can also click here to watch the tutorial video for How to Split PDF Pages in PDF Reader Pro.



According to the articles above, we can rightly say that PDF Reader Pro Windows is the best PDF Splitter app that you can find right now. Not only the best PDF Splitter app but also the best full-packaged PDF reader software. You can find numerous features that can help you organize your PDF files effortlessly and manage your documents with ease. So what are you waiting for? Click here to read more about Edit Function in PDF Reader Pro Windows or download the software right now!

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