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Full Review: Our Summary of Twisted Love

Unravel the gripping tale of "Twisted Love" by Ana Huang. Dive into a captivating YA story of secrets, love, and suspense.
Full Review: Our Summary of Twisted Love

Just wrapped up Ana Huang's captivating Twisted Love series, and I'm itching to share a brief overview for those who might need a refresher or for anyone considering diving into this rollercoaster of emotions!

Fair warning: Spoilers abound for the entire Twisted Love saga, so proceed with caution if you're not caught up!

Twisted Love (Twisted, #1)

Twisted Love book cover

  • Book Title: Twisted Love
  • Author: Ana Huang
  • Year Published: April 21, 2021
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.73/5 
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In Twisted Love by Ana Huang, Alex Volkov is a cold and calculating man with a troubled past. He believes he is incapable of love due to his traumatic childhood, yet he is fiercely loyal to his best friend, Josh Chen. When Josh leaves the country for work, he entrusts Alex with looking after his younger sister, Ava Chen. Alex agrees, seeing this as an opportunity to repay Josh for saving his life years ago.

Ava is a free-spirited and kind-hearted photography student, whose cheerful disposition hides her own painful past. She initially views Alex as an intimidating presence, but as they spend more time together, she starts to see the man beneath the icy exterior. Alex is drawn to Ava's warmth and resilience, and despite his determination to remain detached, he finds himself falling for her.

As their relationship deepens, Alex's secrets begin to unravel. Ava discovers that Alex's drive for revenge against those who wronged him has put both their lives in danger. Torn between his love for Ava and his thirst for vengeance, Alex must confront his darkest fears and decide whether he can truly let go of the past.


How Did Twisted Love End?

At the end of Twisted Love by Ana Huang, Alex Volkov's quest for revenge reaches a critical point. He confronts the people responsible for his family's tragic past, but his actions put both him and Ava Chen in grave danger. In a climactic showdown, Alex must choose between his desire for vengeance and his love for Ava.

Ultimately, Alex decides to let go of his vendetta to protect Ava and build a future with her. He confronts his past demons and takes responsibility for his actions, seeking a path of redemption. The couple faces significant challenges, but their love and determination to be together help them overcome these obstacles.

In the end, Alex and Ava find solace and healing in each other. Alex learns to open his heart and accept love, while Ava's unwavering support helps him find peace. They move forward together, committed to building a life free from the shadows of their past.


Twisted Games (Twisted, #2)

Twisted Games book cover

  • Book Title: Twisted Games

  • Author: Ana Huang

  • Year Published: July 29, 2021

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.12/5 

  • Availability: Purchase it from Amazon


In Twisted Games by Ana Huang, bodyguard Rhys Larsen is assigned to protect Princess Bridget von Ascheberg, a woman destined to be queen. Rhys is a stoic, disciplined professional, while Bridget is headstrong and independent. Despite their different backgrounds and the strict boundaries of their professional relationship, an undeniable attraction begins to grow between them.

As Bridget grapples with her royal duties and the constraints they impose on her personal life, she finds solace in Rhys's presence. Their relationship evolves from a strictly professional one to a deeply personal connection, marked by a blend of passion and mutual respect. Bridget's impending ascension to the throne only complicates their burgeoning romance, as it becomes increasingly clear that a relationship between a future queen and her bodyguard is fraught with challenges.

Despite the risks, Rhys and Bridget are drawn together, their connection intensifying with each passing day. They navigate a web of political intrigue, societal expectations, and personal desires, all while trying to protect each other from the dangers that surround them. Their love story unfolds in the shadow of the crown, forcing them to confront the reality of their situation and make difficult choices about their future.

In the end, Rhys and Bridget must decide whether their love is worth defying the royal protocols and societal norms that threaten to keep them apart. Their journey is one of passion, loyalty, and sacrifice, as they strive to carve out a future together against all odds.


How Did Twisted Games End?

After navigating the complexities of their forbidden romance, Bridget and Rhys face a critical turning point. Bridget, poised to take on her role as queen, must decide between her duty to her country and her love for Rhys.

In a surprising twist, Bridget chooses love over duty. She publicly announces her relationship with Rhys, risking her position and reputation for the man she loves. This bold move forces the royal family and the public to confront their outdated traditions and prejudices.

Ultimately, the couple's love prevails. Bridget's brave declaration leads to a reevaluation of royal protocols, allowing her to maintain her role as queen while being with Rhys. The story ends on a hopeful note, with Bridget and Rhys looking forward to a future together, having overcome the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable.


Twisted Hate (Twisted, #3)

Twisted Hate book cover

  • Book Title: Twisted Hate

  • Author: Ana Huang

  • Year Published: January 27, 2022

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.01/5 

  • Availability: Purchase it from Amazon


Jules Ambrose and Josh Chen have always clashed, their mutual animosity a constant source of tension. Jules, a fiercely independent lawyer, prides herself on keeping people at arm’s length, especially Josh, her best friend’s overprotective brother. Josh, a doctor with a seemingly perfect life, views Jules as a reckless troublemaker. Their mutual dislike is cemented by past grievances and their contrasting lifestyles.

When circumstances force Jules and Josh to spend more time together, they reluctantly agree to a truce. What starts as a tentative peace quickly evolves into an intense attraction neither can deny. As they navigate their growing feelings, they uncover hidden depths in each other, revealing vulnerabilities and desires that challenge their preconceptions.

As Jules and Josh's relationship intensifies, they must confront their pasts and the demons that haunt them. Jules struggles with secrets that threaten to unravel her life, while Josh battles his own insecurities and the expectations placed upon him. Their journey is fraught with emotional turmoil and external pressures, pushing them to their limits.

In the face of these challenges, Jules and Josh must decide if their love is worth the risk. Can they overcome their differences and trust each other enough to build a future together, or will their twisted hate ultimately tear them apart? Their story is a testament to the transformative power of love and the courage it takes to fight for happiness.


How Did Twisted Hate End?

In Twisted Hate by Ana Huang, the story reaches its climax as Jules and Josh confront their deepest fears and insecurities, both individually and as a couple. Despite the obstacles they face, including Jules' secrets and Josh's internal struggles, their love for each other strengthens.

As they navigate the challenges together, they realize that their mutual animosity stemmed from misunderstandings and unresolved issues from their pasts. Through open communication and vulnerability, they begin to heal old wounds and forge a deeper connection.

In the end, Jules and Josh choose to embrace their love and overcome the odds stacked against them. They make a commitment to each other, determined to build a future together despite the challenges they may encounter.

The novel concludes with Jules and Josh finding peace and happiness in each other's arms, their twisted hate transformed into a profound and enduring love.


Twisted Lies (Twisted, #4)

Twisted Lies book cover

  • Book Title: Twisted Lies

  • Author: Ana Huang

  • Year Published: June 30, 2022

  • Goodreads Rating: 4.22/5 

  • Availability: Purchase it from Amazon


In Twisted Lies by Ana Huang, Christian Harper exudes charm, intelligence, and danger concealed beneath impeccably tailored suits. Morality means little to him, and love even less, until he finds himself drawn to the woman living just below him. She becomes the enigma he can't unravel, sparking a desire that defies his own rules. Breaking barriers, he offers her a deal she can't resist, making her his obsession, his addiction, and his only exception.

Stella Alonso, despite her social media fame, is sweet, shy, and guarded romantically. Juggling two jobs leaves her with little time or inclination for love. However, when a past threat resurfaces, she seeks refuge in the arms of the most dangerous man she's ever encountered. Despite his icy exterior, Christian ignites emotions in Stella she's long kept caged. With him, she feels passion, protection, and genuine desire.

Their love is a tangled web of secrets and deceit, poised to unravel with the revelation of truth. As lies surface and masks fall away, their fragile bond faces the threat of destruction, leaving them to confront the consequences of their twisted relationship.


How Did Twisted Lies End?

Ultimately, Christian and Stella must decide whether their love can withstand the weight of their dark histories and the betrayals that have plagued them. In a dramatic conclusion, they face their demons together, finding strength in each other's arms as they navigate the storm of their tumultuous romance.

Without giving away too much, the ending of Twisted Lies offers resolution and closure for Christian and Stella, while leaving readers satisfied with the journey they've taken together.

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