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Can I Request a Refund on App Store?

You can request a refund with your Apple ID if you have changed your mind after purchasing PDF Reader Pro iOS. In addition, you may receive the full refund except for the amounts on coupon. You can request a refund from Apple App Store, but you need to be subject to Apple Refund Policy.


1. To begin the refund process, open a web browser and head to Apple's Report a Problem webpage;

2. Login using your Apple ID username and password;

3. Select the option Request a refund under the heading What can we help you with

4. A new drop-down box will appear, click the Tell us more box to choose one of the reasons in the lists for your refund request;

5. Click Next, select the purchase or in-app purchase of PDF Reader Pro, and then click Submit to finish the request process.


To learn more about refund details and Apple refund policy, please click here.


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