How to Upgrade PDF to Office

PDF Reader Pro for iOS provides with the best PDF to Office Converter offline which ensures the best quality and most accurate PDF to DOCX/PPTX/XLSX conversion for keeping the fonts and layouts intact, including bullets and tables.

You can do as below to upgrade PDF to Office in both free and paid version:

1. Enter your PDF file and click  1619157707.png , then choose PDF to Office;

2. There you can click Upgrade in the pop-up window and make a payment;


If you have downloaded the paid version, PDF Reader Pro - Sign,Edit PD‪F from Apple App Store, you can also do as below to upgrade:

1. For iPhone User:

    1) Open the app and go to Settings light_tabbar_ic_set@2x;

    2) Click the banner on the top, then you can see details about PDF to Office Pack in a pop-up window;

    3) Tap on the price button to purchase; 

2. For iPad User:

    1) Run the app and click Upgrade light_tabbar_ic_upgrade@2x (1);

    2) Directly click the price button to make a payment.

Notice: If you cannot access PDF to Office feature after the purchase, please Restore Previous Purchase.

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