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How to OCR PDF on Mac?

The OCR function is available in PDF Reader Pro for Mac and iOS. You can use OCR to recognize characters in images or scanned documents into texts that can be copied or edited as follow:

1. Enter the reading page and click OCR light_ic_batch_ocr on the toolbar;

2. Or tap Tools on the main menu -> OCR;

3. Then you can Select OCR Language among 90+ languages, OCR Plan between Plan 1 (Online) and Plan 2 (offline)and Page Range among All Pages, Current Page, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only or set your desired pages;

4. Then click OCR and the result will show in OCR Results which can be copied and shared;

5. After that, you can Copy , Save as PDF or Save as TXT, or Delete the result.


Notice: If you don't see OCR button, you can customize toolbar to drag OCR button to toolbar. 

It needs Internet when you perform OCR in Plan 1 (Online). Please make sure you can access Google. If can't, we recommend that you try VPN service, or drop a line at [email protected]. OCR Plan 2 (offline) is supported in macOS 10.15+.

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