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DS-82 Application Form

What is the DS-82 Form?

The DS-82 Form is a form you can use to renew your passport, change your legal name on your current passport, or to correct information on a previously issued passport. When you use the DS-82 Form, you don’t have to appear in person to renew your passport. You can simply submit the form and wait for it to be processed. If you don’t meet the requirements for a DS-82 Form, however, you will have to appear in person to have your passport renewed.

Who needs the DS-82 Form?

You can make use of the DS-82 Form if:

  • You can submit your most recent passport with your DS-82 Form

  • You were at least 16 years old when your previous passport was issued, and

  • Your most recent passport was issued less than 15 years ago

If any of the above isn’t true in your case, you will not be able to use a DS-82 Form. You will have to make use of the Form DS-11, Application for A U.S. Passport.

You may also be able to use a DS-82 Form to renew a previous passport that was damaged. If all the identifying information on the passport is still legible, you will probably have success with the DS-82 Form. But it is still at the discretion of the embassy or office processing your application whether they will accept it. If the identifying information isn’t legible or the photograph has been destroyed, you will also have to make use of the Form DS-11.


Requirements for DS-82 Passport Renewal Form

You must submit DS-82 application form If the following are true:

  • Your U.S. Passport is undamaged and can be submitted with your application

  • Your U.S. Passport was issued when you were of age 16 or older

  • Your U.S Passport was issued in the past 15 years

  • Your U.S. Passport was issued in your current name, or you can legally document your name change

If any of the following is “NO,” you will have to submit your application using the DS-11 Form for New Passport and make a personal visit to your nearest Acceptance Agent in your area to accept your passport application.

How to fill out Passport Renewal DS-82 Form?

  • Step 1: Click the Fill Now button or download the Form DS-82;

  • Step 2: Enter your personal information by clicking on the fillable fields 1-9;

  • Step 3: Indicate your previous passport information in the 10th block;

  • Step 4: If you are changing your name, fill out the 11th block with all the info;

  • Step 5: You can also attach your digital photo to the form, but you have to make sure that it matches all the U.S. Passport Photo requirements;

  • Step 6: Sign your Passport Renewal Application by clicking on the Sign Field and enter the current date in the date field next to it;

  • Step 7: Click the Done button in order to save, download or print your form.

Last but not least, If you need to complete the DS-82 Application Form, you can download the fillable PDF template here and use PDF Reader Pro to fill out the form more conveniently. Click the button "Free Download" to download the app.

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