Travel PDF Templates

You may fancy yourself a super savvy travel agent, but even your booking process could be improved by one of PDF Reader Pro’s tourism PDF templates! Link an existing booking form to a PDF template of your choice to convert travel requests into easily readable, downloadable, and shareable PDF documents. Whether you’re confirming travel requests, sending out detailed itineraries, or collecting consent agreements, our tourism PDF templates are your ticket to giving customers a better travel experience.

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After getting booking requests from excited travelers, you'll want to give them documents that reflect their excitement. Choose a template that most closely matches the trip you're planning, then get started on customization with PDF Reader Pro's easy-to-use PDF Editor. Drag and drop form fields to securely collect traveler information, departure times, and essential documents. Why not add your company logo and colors to make your documents even more professional? Your PDFs don't just function well — they look good too.

PDF Reader Pro’s widgets and integrations can take your travel documents up a notch. Process payments with PayPal, add a set of terms and conditions, or collect signed travel agreements with a signature. While saving information in PDF format helps you better manage your own records, autoresponder can also send PDFs to travelers as personalized trip outlines and itineraries. A more organized booking process means happier travelers — so try out one of our tourism PDF templates today.

* The free templates above are provided for reference only, for all legal matters, you should always talk to a professional.

After downloading the free template, if you need to fill in it or modify the content of the template, you may need a powerful PDF editor. Using PDF Reader Pro, you can add your own details and use these templates to design for your own needs, editing the PDF more conveniently.

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