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Form DS-11 PDF Template

What is a Form DS-11?

Form DS-11 is an official document provided by the U.S. Department of State for individuals applying for a U.S. passport. This form is used by U.S. citizens and non-citizen nationals who are applying for their first passport, those who do not qualify to use Form DS-82 for renewal, or those who are applying for a passport for a child under 16 years old. The application must be submitted in person at a designated passport acceptance facility, a passport agency (by appointment), or a U.S. embassy or consulate if the applicant is abroad.


How to Fill in Our Form DS-11 PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Form DS-11 template:

  • Page 1: Personal Information

    • Item 1: Name – Enter your full legal name (first, middle, last).

    • Item 2: Date of Birth – Provide your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY).

    • Item 3: Sex – Select your gender (male or female).

    • Item 4: Place of Birth – State the city and country where you were born.

    • Item 5: Social Security Number – Enter your Social Security number.

    • Item 6: Email Address – Provide a valid email address for contact.

    • Item 7: Primary Contact Phone Number – Enter your primary phone number.

    • Item 8: Mailing Address – Fill in your current mailing address. If the address is different from where you live, include "In Care Of" with the name of the person who receives the mail.

    • Item 9: List All Other Names Used – List any other names you have used (e.g., maiden name).

  • Page 1: Parental Information

    • Item 10: Parent 1 (Mother/Father/Parent) – Provide the full name, date of birth, and  place of birth of Parent 1.

    • Item 11: Parent 2 (Mother/Father/Parent) – Provide the full name, date of birth, and place of birth of Parent 2.

  • Page 1: Additional Information

    • Item 12: Height – State your height.

    • Item 13: Hair Color – Specify your hair color.

    • Item 14: Eye Color – Specify your eye color.

    • Item 15: Occupation – State your current occupation.

    • Item 16: Employer or School – Provide the name of your employer or school.

    • Item 17: Travel Plans – If you have any upcoming travel plans, list the dates and destinations. If none, write "none."

  • Page 2: Citizenship Evidence

    • Provide evidence of U.S. citizenship such as a birth certificate, previous U.S. passport, or other relevant documents as specified.

  • Page 2: Parental Consent (if applicable)

    • If applying for a minor, provide parental consent forms as required.

  • Page 2: Signature and Certification

    • Sign and date the application in the presence of an authorized acceptance agent.

  • Supporting Documents

    • Include supporting documents such as a birth certificate, identification documents, and any additional forms required (e.g., Form DS-64 for a lost passport).

  • Submit the Application

    • Submit the completed Form DS-11 along with the necessary documents and fees at a designated acceptance facility, passport agency, or U.S. embassy/consulate.

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