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A passport is required for all international travel. If you're traveling anywhere overseas, you need a passport to board an international flight and to enter the country. A passport becomes the most important travel document for your trip. If you're hoping to travel internationally in the next few months, the time to get or renew your passport is now.

Whether you’re a first-time applicant, renewing a child’s passport, in need of an expedited passport card, and the like, you’ll find this page a fantastic travel resource. To help you get prepared, we’ve collected the most common passport documents, applications, and forms on this page. Below, you can learn about the various passport forms and download links so you can print, file, and submit them at an office, agency, or by mail.

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U.S. Passport Application Forms

The following are the most common U.S. passport forms requested by individuals. These cover the core needs of those applying, renewing, recovering, and/or correcting passports.

Form DS-11 (Application for a U.S. Passport)

The DS-11 Application is for U.S. citizens who need to get a new passport or a stolen, lost, and expired passport. The Department of State offers a ‘form filler’ option to input information and print out the completed DS-11 form. Or, you can download, print, and file the form with the downloadable version.

The State Department has made changes to the application form where the applicant can now fill out the form and download a barcoded copy of the application DS-11 form.

Form DS-82 (U.S. Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals)

The DS-82 form is used to renew an eligible U.S. citizen (adult) passport. This form has two options: a version you can electronically fill and print, and another you can download and print. The DS82 also includes important details about renewing a passport, including tips, FAQs, fees, and statements.

Do note that children under the age of 16 cannot use this form to renew their passports. In this instance, children (and adults) should process a DS-11 Form.

Form DS-5504 (Name Change, Data Correction, and Limited Passport Book Replacement)

The DS-5504 form is used to update and correct information on a passport. This form is ideal if, by some chance, the information on one’s passport is incorrect. Or in instances of marriage or divorce in which an individual changes names. You may also use this form if replacing a passport that was issued with less than ten years of validity.

U.S. Passport Forms for Special Occasions

The DS-11, DS-82, and DS-5504 will cover most instances of what individuals need when applying, renewing, or correcting a U.S. passport. However, there are exceptional circumstances and occasions that may arise and require different forms and processes.

DS-64 Form (Reporting Your Passport Lost or Stolen)

The DS-64 application is used when you have lost a good passport book and need to notify the State Department that your passport book has become lost or stolen. This form is required to obtain a new passport using the latest passport form.

DS-3053 Form (Statement of Consent for Issuing a Passport to a Child)

The DS3053 Application is for Parents of U.S. citizens who would not present their children’s passport application to the passport agency. This form would need to be signed and notarized to be present to the passport agency.

DS-5525 Form (Statement of Special Family Circumstances)

The DS-5525 Statement of Exigent/Special Family Circumstances is an application form for non-applying parents looking to obtain a passport for a child where the other parent/guardian consent could not be accepted.

DS-86 Form (Statement You Did Not Receive Your U.S. Passport)

The DS-86 form is used if you have completed, submitted, and mailed your passport but did not receive it (within ten days of its processing, and it is sent back to you). This form is more involved than most others and may require you to call the National Passport Information Center for help with this passport form.

Other Passport Forms

There are two other passport forms in need of mention. This includes changing your name on your passport and the other used for additional visa pages. While uncommon, do bookmark this page if you need these forms in the future.

DS-4085 Form (Additional Visa Pages)

The DS-4085 Application is used to add more pages to your valid passport book. This is a short application where it’s just one page long.

DS-60 Form (Affidavit Change of Name Passport Application)

The DS-60 Affidavit of Change of Name is required when submitting a passport application with the following issues: 

(1) your name is different from what is shown on your proof of citizenship, or;

(2) your name has changed without court proceedings and was not done by marriage.

Quick Tips Regarding U.S. Passport Applications

  • Forms come with complete instructions (read these before completing the forms)

  • Forms can be filled out digitally but then must be printed for submission

  • Forms are color-coded for accessibility and to prevent confusion

  • Use standard 8.5” x 11” white paper when printing documents. Likewise, print documents in portrait and at full resolution (not zoomed)

  • Documents are available as PDF. Download PDF Reader Pro to fill out the forms

International travel doesn’t have to be tricky – just make sure your travel documents and required paperwork are in order. When you travel internationally, you’re responsible to make sure you have the correct documents to enter and pass through any countries during your trip, and then make your way back home.

* The free templates above are provided for reference only, for all legal matters, you should always talk to a professional.

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