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Hourly Wage Pay Stub PDF Template

What is a Hourly Wage Pay Stub?

An hourly wage pay stub is a document provided to employees by their employers, detailing the compensation earned for a specific period based on an hourly pay rate. It serves as a record of the hours worked, rates applied, and deductions withheld, ensuring transparency and accuracy in payroll processing. Hourly wage pay stubs are particularly relevant for part-time or hourly employees whose earnings fluctuate based on the number of hours worked.


How to Fill in Our Hourly Wage Pay Stub PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Hourly Wage Pay Stub template:

Employee Information:

  • Enter the employee's ID, name, job title, and status (full-time or part-time). This ensures that the pay stub is accurately associated with the correct employee and employment status.

Pay Period Details:

  • Specify the pay begin date, pay end date, and pay date. These details provide clarity on the time frame for which the payment is being issued.

Hourly Wage Breakdown:

  • Break down the earnings into different categories based on the type of work and hours worked. Include sections for regular hours (Monday to Friday), regular hours (Saturday), regular hours (Sunday), overtime hours, holiday pay, and shiftwork pay. Input the number of hours worked and the corresponding hourly rate for each category to calculate the earnings.


  • Deduct various types of deductions from the gross earnings to calculate the net pay. This includes taxes (e.g., federal, state), other deductions (e.g., insurance premiums, retirement contributions), and any additional deductions specified by the employer. Provide clear labels for each deduction type and accurately calculate the deduction amounts.

Total Earnings and Deductions:

  • Summarize the total earnings for the pay period, including all categories of wages earned. Calculate the total deductions withheld from the earnings to arrive at the net pay, which represents the final amount the employee will receive.

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