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Payroll Register PDF Template

What is a Payroll Register?

A payroll register is a vital document used by businesses to record and summarize employee compensation and related information for a specific pay period. It serves as a detailed ledger that tracks employee wages, hours worked, taxes withheld, deductions, and leave balances, providing a comprehensive overview of payroll expenses and employee earnings.


How to Fill in Our Payroll Register PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Payroll Register template:

Employee Information:

  • Enter the employee's name, employee number, and any pertinent contact details such as address, phone number, and email.

Pay and Hours:

  • Record the regular, overtime, holiday, vacation, and sick time hours worked by the employee for the specified pay period. Include details such as the pay begin and end dates, federal filing status, and tax allowances.

Gross and Net Pay:

  • Calculate and document the gross pay (total earnings before deductions) and net pay (take-home pay after deductions) for the employee. Specify the current and year-to-date (YTD) amounts for both gross and net pay.

Tax and Deductions:

  • Detail various deductions such as federal and state taxes, local taxes, 401(k) contributions, insurance premiums, Social Security, Medicare, and other withholdings. Ensure accurate calculation and categorization of each deduction.

Leave Balances:

  • Keep track of leave balances, including holidays, vacation days, and sick time hours remaining for each employee.


  • Include any additional messages or notes relevant to the payroll register, such as updates on tax regulations, reminders, or special instructions for employees.

Business Information and Logo:

  • Provide the name and logo of the business for branding purposes, along with any additional contact information.

Hours Spent, Post-Tax Deductions, Pre-Tax Withholdings, and Days Remaining:

  • Summarize the hours spent by employees, post-tax deductions, pre-tax withholdings, and remaining days for various leave types.

Federal/State/Payroll Tax:

  • Document any federal, state, or payroll taxes applicable to the pay period, ensuring accurate reporting and compliance with tax regulations.

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