How to Add Page Numbers to PDFs?

Thu. 25 Aug. 202231333 Mins

When you are having a class, you will often hear the phrase "Turn to Page XX", then you can quickly find the key point in the textbook, and this is the function of the page number.


To be specific, adding page numbers to PDFs makes your file more organized. What's more, ordered page numbers can facilitate the reader to find information from hundreds of pages easily. Therefore, a powerful PDF editor is important for those who want to insert page numbers or perform advanced operations on PDFs. PDF Reader Pro does well in adding or removing page numbers in PDFs, which can meet your needs for document management and fast retrieval.


This article will give you a guideline on how to add page numbers to PDFs from several aspects.

  1. How to Add Page Number?
  2. How to Remove Page Number?
  3. Batch Add or Remove?


How to Add Page Numbers?

Actually, you can insert page numbers through the Header&Footer tool

  1. Tap Editor on the toolbar -> Header & Footer; 
  2. Select Add Header & Footer.



Now, you can do one or more of the following to set properties for the page numbers.


Position of the Page Number

There are six different position options: Left Header Text; Center Header Text; Right Header Text; Left Footer Text; Center Footer Text; Right Footer Text.


For example, if you want to add a page number in the bottom right corner of the page, you can choose Right Footer Text, click the add icon next to it, and select Insert Page Number. The preview image will be shown on the left side.



Page Number Format

You can change the format by adjusting the Font Size, Margin, Page Number, and Start Page Number. Here are some explanations of these attributes.


  1. Font Size and Color: It represents the color and size of the page number.

  2. Margin: The margin shows the distance between page edges and the page number. You can modify the margin by clicking the buttons or typing a figure into the box directly.

  3. Page Number: Under Page Number, you will pick the way your numbers will be displayed on your page such as 1, 1 of n, 1/n, Page 1, Page1 of n.



  1. Start Page Number: It decides which page to start a page number, clicking the buttons or typing a figure into the box directly are both viable. If you want the 6th page in your PDF to be “page 1”, put 6 in the box.


Page Range

It is easy to customize the page range with PDF Reader Pro. There are several options for you to choose: All Pages, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, Custom Range. If you want to add the page numbers to specific pages, just click Custom Range and input the numbers into the box. For example: 5, 8, 10-15.



After setting all properties, hit Apply and the file with page numbers will be saved as a new one. Choose an output folder to save it.


How to Remove Page Numbers? 

Removing Page Number is a very simple operation, just follow the guide.

  1. Click Editor on the toolbar;

  2. Hit Header & Footer and choose Remove Header and Footer;

  3. Click Remove, and select an output folder to save it as a new file.



Batch Add and Remove Page Numbers

What if you want to insert page numbers to multiple files? Maybe adding the page number file by file is a solution, but why not batch add page numbers to save valuable time? To batch add page numbers, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click Editor on the toolbar -> choose Header & Footer -> Add Header and Footer;

  2. Hit Batch in the lower left corner of the window;

  3. Click Add File and hit Apply -> select an output folder to save them as new files and the page numbers will be added to all files.



To batch remove page numbers, just follow the steps below.

  1. Click Editor on the toolbar -> choose Header & Footer -> Remove Header and Footer;

  2. Hit Add File on the top left corner of the window;

  3. Tap Remove and select an output folder to save them as new files, All page numbers in the documents will be removed.


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