How to Change the Theme as You Like?

Fri. 19 Aug. 202218243 Mins

Usually, the default background color of PDF files is white. When you are reading, all the white background looks very tedious inevitably. Maybe you also have a problem: If you read and edit the white and black documents for a long time, or you focus on a computer screen for too long, this can lead to dry eyes and eye fatigue.



Distance vision may help relax our eye muscles, which stops eye fatigue in its tracks. But we are inescapable to spend much time processing our documents with computer and telephone, so what can we do to solve the above problems?


PDF Reader Pro for Windows introduces the Theme function and provides different theme colors for you to choose from. There are four main themes: Light, Sepia, Dark, and Reseda.



- Light: This is the default background color. If you want to make your documents look more brightly, you can choose it.

- Sepia: It displays the document on a light–yellow background. When you feel the Light theme is too bright to handle your files, choosing the Sepia theme will make your background softer.

- Dark: The Dark theme displays the document in a dark environment, which maintains a minimum color contrast ratio required for readability. The Dark theme is so friendly for visually impaired people.

- Reseda: When you read your files for a long time, it displays the document in a light-green background to please your eyes.

- More themes as you like: If you feel boring when you always read the same background color in your documents, you can choose more colors as you want. You also can change the PDF font color at will in PDF Reader Pro for Windows!


Now that there is an excellent function to help us process our files more comfortably and efficiently. How to change the theme as we like in PDF Reader Pro?

  • You have to tap the icon of Page Display on the reading page.
  • Then, you can see the Themes on the right of the interface, and you can choose the theme at will such as Light, Sepia, Dark, and Reseda.


How to choose other colors to customize the theme colors in your personal preference?

  • You have to click the icon of More and you will get a color panel. There are more colors on it.
  • You also can click the More button on the color panel, then you can custom colors as you want.

There is another idea that maybe can help you to read PDF documents comfortably: change the color of fonts to get an individual file and enlarge the size of fonts to read the text more clearly and reduce eye fatigue. You also can change the font in your PDF files in PDF Reader Pro for Windows, do you know how to get it?

  • You have to tap the icon of Edit PDF on the reading page.
  • You can select the text you want to change, and then change the color and size of the fonts on the right of the interface.


Eye strain is relatively easy to avoid. Just remember to take breaks, lift some eye weights, increase your text size for easier reading and change the background color to make the screen look softer. Your eyes will thank you!


PDF Reader Pro for Windows provides a variety of features to relieve visual fatigue when you read PDF documents and also makes your PDF documents more personal and special. If you join us, you will find more features that can make you delighted when you read or edit PDF files. Come to download PDF Reader Pro for Windows now! 

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