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Thu. 27 Oct. 202214853Mins

Currently, PDF and PPT are the mainstream document file formats. Stability is one of the important reasons why PDFs are so popular. Once the file is finished editing and saved as a PDF, no matter what operating system is used, and no matter what size and resolution the display screen is, the layout format of the file will not be misplaced as the device changes.


Although the stability of PDF can effectively help files not to be changed, PPT is a better choice when you want to display more content than simple graphics and text or display files in a richer form. 


The content and display form of PPT is richer and more decorative, convenient for us to share large-scale content with everyone, and because of the richness of its content display, it has become our preferred reporting and presentation format. In the daily work report, most people may still choose to use PPT slides to summarize the work and display, and when preparing information, the data is shared in PDF format, sometimes you may need to use PDF data to quickly make PPT, at this time it is best to have a tool to convert PDF to PPT. So before we get started, make sure you have downloaded PDF Reader Pro on your Mac. Click here to dowload PDF Reader Pro.


How to Convert PDF to PowerPoint in PDF Reader Pro for Mac?


Step 1: Open the file. Click Open Files on the home page and choose the PDF file you want to convert to PPT.

Step 2: Enter the Converter interface. There are 4 entrances you can enter.

  • You need to tap the icon of Converter on the toolbar. 

  • Or click Tools on the main menu, select Converter, and choose PDF to Office;

  • Or click Files on the main menu, select Convert To;

Step 3: Select the target format. After entering the Converter interface, you can select your target format: To PPT or PowerPoint (.pptx);

Step 4: After completing the above-mentioned steps, the PDF file can easily be converted into PPT.


Besides, batch conversion is also available. After entering the Converter interface, you can first click Batch to enter the Batch Convert interface. Secondly, click Add Files in the upper left corner to add multiple files that you want to convert to PPT. Then, you can choose to set the page range for each file, and click Convert. Finally, select the folder you want to save the new file to, and then click Open. You can get an editable PPT file without having to redo bullets, tables, and objects, or change the layout.


Benefits of Converting PDF to PowerPoint

  • Makes it easy to attract the attention for designers


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As a designer, for daily work presentations, many of your documents may be in PDF formats in order to automatically adapt files on a variety of devices. However, when you need to fully present a design, you can convert PDF files into PPT and add all kinds of attention-grabbing content to your slides through PowerPoint presentations: everything from animations to 3D models and warping techniques. This really brings your presentation to life and gives people a better understanding of your design.


  • Custom smooth transitions for company employee

As a company employee, when you do the year-end report, you usually record a bunch of PDF files that you organize in your daily work. You can consider converting these PDFs to PPT, and then directly press the PPT to report.


And when it comes to presentations, PowerPoint allows for smooth and customizable transitions between slides. Not only do they add movement and visuals to your presentation, but you can also get creative and use transitions that complement the theme or style of your presentation. Transitions also allow content on the screen to appear at different times, creating a sense of depth and layering.


  • Quickly modify content for teachers


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As a teacher, you may search for some PDF files that you can use when preparing courseware, but the PDF cannot be edited. At this point, you can convert the PDF to PPT.


After you convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation, you can choose to edit slides on the go. If you happen to find a spelling mistake in the text while demonstrating a PowerPoint in class, or if you need to add some information to your students to learn more tips, you can easily make changes in real time.


If you are looking for a more advanced tool for converting PDF to PowerPoint format, PDF Reader Pro is exactly what you need, precisely because of its feature-rich and guaranteed high quality and accuracy of converted files. It not only converts PDF to PowerPoint but also allows you to convert to other formats like Word, Excel, CSV, Image, and others.


Let’s download PDF Reader Pro for Mac and get a free trial to use! If you have any questions when using the conversion feature, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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