6 Best Sites to Download Free PDF Books in 2024

Thu. 13 Jan. 202217818683
We carefully reviewed and selected the 6 best websites to download free PDF books from in 2024, ensuring each is ethically and legally sound.
6 Best Sites to Download Free PDF Books in 2024

Free PDF books are among the internet's most helpful resources, and we've carefully selected and ranked the six leading sites. 

Check out our six best websites for downloading free PDF books in 2024 below!

1. PDF Drive

PDF Drive website home page
Image source: PDF Drive

We reviewed several free PDF websites and found none compared to PDF Drive. With over 75 million free PDF books, no signup process or hidden costs, and a quick and easy download process, PDF Drive is the undisputed master of the free PDF book world. 

Our Favourite Feature

Even with PDF Drive's massive PDF book collection, it doesn't have everything, which is where the "Request a book" feature comes in handy. We simply used the page's search function to find and add the required book to our wishlist. There's a good chance a kind stranger will upload our request soon! 

2. Library Genesis

Library Genesis website home page

Image source: Library Genesis

Despite not having a modern interface or design, Library Genesis is another leading resource for free PDF Books. We were amazed at how many fiction and non-fiction PDF books, scientific articles, and magazines are hosted on this site. Just make sure to use our link to avoid any potential fake sites.

Our Favourite Feature

If you're a student (or were one), you've probably complained about the cost of textbooks before. We found Library Genesis an invaluable resource for students needing textbooks, covering almost every academic discipline. 

3. ManyBooks

ManyBooks website home page
Image source: ManyBooks

Although ManyBooks doesn't provide as many free PDF books as Library Genesis or PDF Drive, we were still impressed with its vast PDF book collection. Simply put, ManyBooks catalogs popular PDF books from vendor sites like Amazon, Kobo, and Apple Books, listing both free and paid titles. 

Our Favourite Feature

We love how ManyBooks connects us to official versions of free PDF Books from websites like Amazon and Apple Books. It's often difficult to find legitimately free versions of a title, and we appreciate ManyBooks' efforts in keeping us safe

4. Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg website home page
Image source: Project Gutenberg

We were immediately amazed by Project Gutenberg's dedication to compiling and providing more than 70,000 free PDF books, each without legal or ethical issues. Project Gutenberg's members wait for titles' copyrights to expire before adding them to their collection.  

Our Favourite Feature

Considering many of Project Gutenberg's PDF books are quite old, we appreciate the ability to find their most recent additions. We quickly found the site's newest titles across the last 24 hours. 

5. Free-eBooks

Image source: Free-eBooks

Despite not having as many free PDF books as a site like PDF Drive, we value Free-eBooks' dedication to providing free, ethically sourced titles. We loved Free-eBooks' well-organized interface and collection of more than "100,000 eBooks and over 1100 audiobooks".

Our Favourite Feature

Free-eBooks doesn't let you download any number of PDF books, providing you with 5 free titles per month. This might seem rather limiting, but you can be sure your PDF books are ethically sourced. Simply sign up and search for your 5 complimentary PDF books!

PDF Books World

Image source: PDF Books World

Last on our list is PDF Books World, a completely free (if not slightly limited) PDF book website. PDF Books World is a fantastic free PDF resource if you don't mind sticking to classic literature. 

Our Favourite Feature

It might not have many newer novels, but we admire PDF Books World's quick and easy search and download features. We didn't encounter any ads, pop-ups, sign-ups, or hidden costs. We commend PDF Books World's owners for their generosity and sincerity.

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