How to Fill Out Scanned Forms?

Thu. 16 Jun. 202213843

If you need to distribute spreadsheets to colleagues, ask them to fill out information so they can summarize recent work progress to the superiors. Unfortunately, when you try to send the file, you realize that the file has been corrupted and cannot be sent. Right now, only one original paper copy is in the folder. How would you solve such a problem? I'm sure that within 10 seconds, an idea will flash through your mind. Pick up your phone and take a picture of the chart with a scanning software and share it with colleagues.

Yes, that's really a good idea. You no longer have to launch Excel and spend a lot of time recreating the table anymore. With just a few clicks, the sheet can be reproduced natively. But the colleagues who received the form became frustrated at this time. When they were about to fill in the content, they found that there was no way to fill in any information. Document scanning is the process of capturing a paper document and converting it to a digital format via a document scanner or multifunction printer. Scanned documents are electronic pictures in nature. Whether it is saved as a picture or as a PDF, what is saved is only a text image. There is no way to directly fill out, edit, modify, add or delete text.

It sounds like an unsolvable problem, but when you have a good helper, complex problems are often solved. Now, let's take a look at what PDF Reader Pro can do, using forms as an example. If you only need to make some simple marks when you receive a scanned form. You can tap Fill & Sign in the toolbar. Here you can manually add symbols anywhere on the form. The symbols we provide include Crossmark, Checkmark, Circle, Line, and Dot. You can use these tools to fill in check boxes and radio buttons, and use the Circle to circle text or the line to strike out text.

But if you also need to type text information or signature on the form. The situation gets a little more complicated, but it's still solvable. Select Form in the toolbar -> Text Field. You can select the font and set the color and size, etc. in the properties panel on the right. Then click at the place in the document where you want to add the text, and then start typing. If you need to sign a form, you can choose the signature icon in the Fill & Sign / Tools to sign documents by typing or drawing a signature. Then click where you want to put the signature in the document.

PDF Reader Pro is your best assistant when filling out scanned forms, or, more precisely, your best choice for editing any scanned document.Sometimes you receive a scanned text image with only text content. There's a lot of useful information you'd like to copy, or edit and send to others later. But there was no way to make any changes after clicking the mouse or hitting the keyboard. Now you can take advantage of the easy-to-use OCR feature to recognize characters in scanned documents as text that can be copied or edited. OCR doesn't just recognize characters. Accents, punctuation, and special characters are also recognized. It will automatically recognize the language in the document, you just need to click OCR and the result will be displayed in the OCR result. Tap Copy and then you can paste the text where you want to save it. If you need to share the content with others as a document, you can click Save as TXT, Save as PDF. After that you can send the document to anyone.

Of course, if you are not the one who receives scanned documents. Instead, you want to create a scanned file and open it directly in PDF to work. It also supports Create PDF from Scanner. You just need to check the list of supported scanners for the model of scanner you are about to connect to your Mac. Then click the main menu File -> Import from Scanner, or click Converter on the toolbar -> New PDF Document -> Import From Scanner. You can also scan from various applications, such as ImageCapture, Preview, Print Fax preferences in System Preferences, Scanner / Printer queue , and some third-party applications. Finally scan a document you need and save it as a new PDF.

PDF Reader Pro not only supports filling out scanned forms, it also fills out non-interactive forms and creates forms. You can click here to learn more, this article describes in detail how to fill out and create forms on your Mac.

Download PDF Reader Pro, and discover more ways to edit scanned files. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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