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Use Our Tools to Export PDF to Excel

In this blog our team will explore the conversion tools available in PDF Reader Pro to export PDF to Excel in just a few minutes. 
Use Our Tools to Export PDF to Excel

Whether you're a business professional crunching numbers or a student analyzing research findings, having data in a format that's easy to work with is essential.


With PDF Reader Pro's powerful tools, you can effortlessly convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets, streamlining your workflow.

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PDF Reader Pro Conversion Options

Before we guide you through how to export your PDF document to an Excel spreadsheet, we have compiled a list of other possible file formats you have access to:


  • PowerPoint
  • JPG or other image
  • Word document
  • HTML
  • Text documents


The conversion process is just one of the many features available with PDF Reader Pro. Download the latest version of the software on either of these operating systems:


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Our team often encounters situations where we need to export table data through Optical Character Recognition but in other cases, we need to create entire booklets with reporting. For example:


  • Board Meeting Reports
  • Calendars
  • Agendas and To Do Lists
  • KPI Dashboard
  • and more...


The easiest way to edit these booklets is to export the PDF file type into an Excel spreadsheet. This will allow you to remove it from the original formatting and put it into a neater visual arrangement for presenting or sharing.


Follow below to conduct your own PDF conversions on either Mac or Windows.

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How To Export to Excel on Windows

Discover the converter tools part of PDF Reader Pro. This advanced feature will help you to quickly and easily change documents according to your needs.


Step 1: Open your PDF file in PDF Reader Pro

Click "Open File" or drag and drop your PDF content.


Step 2: Click on the "Converter" option

This will open a variety of options for you to choose from. 

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Step 3: Select "Excel" as the export format

Choose your preferred settings, such as page range and formatting options.


Step 4: Click "Convert"

This will save the converted Excel file to your desired location.

"I always used more than one PDF Reader before finding PDF Reader Pro because none of them had all the tools I needed in one platform. Now I only use PDF Reader Pro due to its efficient suite of tools!"
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How to Export to Excel on Mac

PDF Reader Pro simplifies the process of converting PDFs to Excel with its intuitive interface and powerful features. Here's how to conduct accurate conversion on your Mac operating system.

Source: PDF Reader Pro

Step 1: Open PDF Reader Pro

Click on the PDF converter option labeled "PDF to Excel" on the Home interface.

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Step 2: Select Your Document

Once the document library opens, you can select your source document.


Step 3: Customize Your Settings

Click "Export" and save the converted Excel file (with single table or entire document contents) to your desired location.


Need to convert multiple files at once? When you see the pop-up window appear for conversion, simply click on "Add Files" which will allow you to add more than a single file to be converted at the same time.

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Benefits of Using PDF Reader Pro

As a powerful converter, PDF Reader Pro allows you to deal with a lot of complex formatting as well as batch converting.

“I’ve used many PDF tools and only encountered headaches – from expensive monthly subscriptions to limited features that reveal themselves later. That is until I downloaded PDF Reader Pro.”
Megon Venter
B2B SaaS Content Writer
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Peruse the table we compiled below to discover the benefits of using our software in particular: 


Accuracy Preserve the integrity of your data with high-fidelity conversion.
Efficiency Save time and effort with streamlined conversion processes.
Customization Tailor your conversion settings to meet your specific needs.
Security Protect sensitive data with encryption and password protection features.
Support Access helpful resources and responsive customer support for any assistance you may need.


Unlock the full potential of your data and streamline your workflow with accurate, efficient conversions to share information more efficiently or present it in the correct visual format. 


Whether you're a business professional, student, or researcher, PDF Reader Pro empowers you to work smarter and achieve your goals faster. 

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