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Top 8 PDF Creator Tools for Online and Offline Use

Explore the Top 8 PDF Creator Tools for Online and Offline Use, offering a blend of versatility, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced features to cater to all your document creation needs.
Top 8 PDF Creator Tools for Online and Offline Use

PDFs are indispensable in today's digital era, serving as a primary format for various file types and documents. This article introduces the top 8 PDF creator tools, adept for both online and offline use.

They cater to a spectrum of needs, from converting simple image files and documents to PDFs, to offering advanced features like digital signatures and file size compression. These tools provide intuitive editing tools, ensuring that creating professional quality PDF files, whether for personal or business use, is a seamless experience.


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Quick Comparison


Key Feature


PDF Reader Pro 

All-in-one PDF solution 5.0

Kdan PDF Reader

Intuitive interface & diverse features 5.0

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

An industry-standard tool with powerful features 4.7


Robust editing and collaboration capabilities 4.5

Nitro Pro

High-quality OCR and document conversion 4.7


Affordable and user-friendly 4.0

Soda PDF

Versatile and easy-to-use 3.0


Convenient for quick online conversions


PDF Reader Pro comes out on top!

Top 8 Creator Tools

1. PDF Reader Pro


Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Uses and Functions:

PDF Reader Pro is a comprehensive tool for managing PDF documents. It provides advanced features for creating, editing, and converting PDFs. Users can easily add digital signatures, manipulate file sizes, and handle various file formats. PDFs.

“As a content creator, having a reliable PDF reader and editor is crucial. PDF Reader Pro’s editing and conversion tools help me easily navigate tasks for every client.”
Megon Venter
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Source: LinkedIn

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Extensive PDF editing and creation capabilities.
  • Con: Not much, unless you dislike installing PDF Editor apps.


Our Experience:

Our experience with PDF Reader Pro has been exceptional. Its all-in-one solution for PDF management stands out. The interface is intuitive, making it easy to navigate through its powerful features, enhancing our workflow efficiency.

2. Kdan PDF Reader

Image Source: Kdan PDF Reader

Uses and Functions:

Kdan PDF Reader specializes in intuitive PDF editing and creation. It offers a range of tools for handling PDF files, including digital signature options and support for multiple file types.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: User-friendly interface.
  • Con: Limited advanced features.


Our Experience:

Kdan PDF Reader provided a smooth and user-friendly experience. Its intuitive tools made handling PDF documents a breeze, especially for beginners.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC


Image Source: Adobe

Uses and Functions:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers advanced features for creating high-quality PDF files.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Industry-standard features.
  • Con: Can be expensive.


Our Experience:

Adobe's comprehensive tools are impressive, but PDF Reader Pro provides a more cost-effective solution with equally robust features.

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4. Foxit

Image Source: Foxit

Uses and Functions:

Foxit is known for its robust editing capabilities and advanced security settings.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Strong collaboration capabilities.
  • Con: Complex interface.


Our Experience:

Foxit excels in collaboration, but PDF Reader Pro offers a more user-friendly interface with comparable collaboration tools.

5. Nitro Pro

Image Source: Nitro Pro

Uses and Functions:

Nitro Pro offers high-quality OCR and document conversion features.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Excellent file conversion quality.
  • Con: Limited online tools.


Our Experience:

Nitro Pro's OCR capabilities are noteworthy, yet PDF Reader Pro offers a wider range of online and offline functionalities.

6. PDFelement

Image Source: Wondershare

Uses and Functions:

PDFelement is an affordable PDF tool with a simple interface.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Affordable with a good range of features.
  • Con: Limited advanced features.


Our Experience:

PDFelement balances functionality and cost, but PDF Reader Pro stands out with a more comprehensive set of advanced features at a competitive price.

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7. Soda

Image Source: Soda

Uses and Functions:

Soda PDF offers easy-to-use features for PDF creation and editing.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: User-friendly for beginners.
  • Con: Limited advanced options.


Our Experience:

Soda PDF is great for beginners, but PDF Reader Pro offers a broader range of features suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

8. Smallpdf

Image Source: Smallpdf

Uses and Functions:

Smallpdf is a convenient tool for quick online PDF conversions.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: Great for quick and basic tasks.
  • Con: Not as feature-rich.


Our Experience:

Smallpdf is handy for quick tasks, but PDF Reader Pro offers a more feature-rich experience for comprehensive PDF management.

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Top 8 PDF Creator Tools: Each Tool's Online and Offline Ease

  1. PDF Reader Pro

    • Online Ease: High. Offers seamless integration with cloud storage and easy online access to features.
    • Offline Ease: High. Provides robust offline capabilities for comprehensive PDF management.
  2. Kdan PDF Reader

    • Online Ease: Moderate. Good online functionality with cloud support.
    • Offline Ease: Moderate. Solid offline features but slightly less comprehensive than PDF Reader Pro.
  3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

    • Online Ease: High. Strong online capabilities with Adobe's cloud services.
    • Offline Ease: High. Well-equipped for offline use with extensive features.
  4. Foxit

    • Online Ease: Moderate to High. Offers good online collaboration tools.
    • Offline Ease: High. Provides a wide range of offline editing tools.
  5. Nitro Pro

    • Online Ease: Moderate. Online features available but more limited compared to others.
    • Offline Ease: High. Excellent offline functionalities, particularly for file conversion and OCR.
  6. PDFelement

    • Online Ease: Moderate. Decent online capabilities, especially for an affordable tool.
    • Offline Ease: Moderate to High. Offers a good range of offline features, suitable for most PDF tasks.
  7. Soda PDF

    • Online Ease: High. Excels in online usability with straightforward online tools.
    • Offline Ease: Moderate. Offers necessary offline features but less extensive than others.
  8. Smallpdf

    • Online Ease: High. Primarily an online tool, excelling in online PDF conversions and basic edits.
    • Offline Ease: Low to Moderate. Limited offline capabilities, focusing more on online functionality.


"PDF Reader Pro's AI Rewrite and Summarize features are super helpful. They make editing and understanding long documents so much easier and faster."
Johan Müller
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Top 8 PDF Creator Tools: Best Practices

Here are some best practices for when choosing a PDF Creator tool:

  1. PDF File Management: Efficient handling of diverse PDF files and documents.
  2. Advanced Features: Include file conversion, digital signatures, and image processing.
  3. File Size Optimization: Essential for online storage and email.
  4. Digital Signature Integration: Adds security to documents.
  5. Intuitive Editing Tools: Facilitate text edits and complex changes in files.
  6. Support for Various File Formats: Increases flexibility in handling different formats.
  7. Online and Offline Functionality: Serve as online PDF converters and offline creators.
  8. User-Friendly Interface: Simple navigation for all skill levels.
  9. All-In-One PDF Solutions: Comprehensive features for PDF tasks.
  10. Security Features: Include encryption and security settings.
  11. Customization Options: Tailor software to specific needs.
  12. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Support across devices and platforms.
  13. Software Integration: Enhances productivity.
  14. Multi-Language Support: Accessibility for global users.
  15. Regular Updates and Support: Keep tools current.
  16. Cost-Effective Solutions: Affordable options are available.
  17. Eco-Friendly Digital Document Handling: Reduces paper use.
  18. Collaboration Features: Facilitate teamwork with sharing options.

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Top 8 PDF Creator Tools: FAQ

Can PDF Creators handle different file formats and types?

Yes, most PDF creators support a variety of file formats and types, including image files and printable documents.

Do these tools offer advanced features like digital signatures?

Advanced features such as digital signatures, file size optimization, and encryption options are available in many PDF creators.

Are these PDF tools suitable for both online and offline use?

Many PDF creators are designed for both online and offline use, offering flexibility for users with or without internet access.

How user-friendly are these PDF editors and creators?

Most of these tools boast intuitive editing tools and interfaces, with some offering simple interfaces ideal for beginners and others featuring more advanced tools for power users.

Is file security a concern with these PDF tools?

File security is a priority for many PDF tools, with features like file permissions, secure file conversion, and image compression settings.

Can I use these tools for professional-quality PDF files?

Yes, several PDF creators are capable of producing professional-quality PDF files, suitable for business and education purposes.

Are there any additional features or services offered by these tools?

Additional features can include customizable settings, handy editing tools, and sometimes even services like fax or customer service.

How complex is the installation process for these PDF creators?

The installation process varies, with some offering simple, straightforward setups and others providing more complex options like silent installation or programmatic access.

Do these tools offer solutions for teams and businesses?

Many PDF creators cater to team and business needs, offering features like collaborative editing, browser integration, and support for multiple users or Citrix servers.

Finding the Best PDF Creator Tool for You

Choosing the best PDF creator tool requires balancing advanced features and user-friendliness. Whether you need professional-quality PDF files, digital signature integration, or diverse file format support, tools like Adobe Acrobat Pro and PDF Reader Pro offer comprehensive solutions.

Others, like Smallpdf and Soda PDF, cater to specific needs with their intuitive interfaces, robust security settings, and online-offline functionality.

We personally prefer PDF Reader Pro to manage all of our PDF needs, from design tools, digital tools, PDF conversion tools and file quality. PDF Reader Pro has met all our requirements with its advanced options.

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