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How to Combine PDF Files in Foxit

Use our handy guide to find out how to combine PDF files in Foxit while also considering alternative PDF merge tools like PDF Reader Pro.
How to Combine PDF Files in Foxit

Foxit is a versatile PDF software offering a range of features, including combining multiple PDF files into a single document.


Whether you're merging documents for better organization or streamlining your workflow, Foxit makes the process efficient and user-friendly. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps of combining PDFs into a single file in Foxit, share best practices, and address common questions.

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Using Foxit's Online Tool

We found using Foxit's online tool is the quickest way to combine PDFs. 

Check out our demo below:

Step 1: Click the "Combine PDFs" tool on the home page

Step 2: Click "Choose Files" and select the PDFs you need to combine

Click "Combine" when satisfied. 

Step 3: Continue editing your PDF or click "Download"

Image Source: Foxit

While we found Foxit's online tool worked well for quick jobs, nothing beats a desktop app's power and performance.

"The customization options within PDF Reader Pro cater to a variety of professional needs, making it an essential tool for diverse work environments."
Megon Venter
B2B SaaS Content Writer
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Using Foxit's Desktop App

Combining PDF files in Foxit to create a single PDF file is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to merge your PDF documents:


Step 1: Open Foxit:

Launch Foxit PhantomPDF or Foxit Reader on your computer. You can also skip steps 2-4 by clicking "Merge" on the Home screen.

Image Source: Foxit


Step 2: Open the PDFs:

Click on "File" in the top menu and choose "Open" to open the PDF files you want to combine. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the PDFs into the Foxit reader window.


Step 3: View Thumbnails:

In the navigation pane, click on the "Pages" tab to reveal thumbnails of the pages in each PDF.

Image Source: Foxit


Step 4: Arrange the Pages:

Arrange the pages in the desired order by dragging and dropping the thumbnails. This step is optional, but it allows you to organize the content before combining.


Step 5: Add Files to PDF Merger:

Click on "Add Files" and select the PDFs you want to combine. You can also use the drag-and-drop method to add additional files.

Image Source: Foxit


Step 6: Start Combine Function:

Click "Combine" to start the merging process. Foxit will combine the selected PDF files into a single document.

Image Source: Foxit


Step 7: Save the Merged PDF File:

Once the merging is complete, save the new combined PDF file in a preferred file location. Choose a location on your computer's file directory and give the file a name.

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Considering Foxit Alternatives

We transitioned to an alternative to Foxit PDF editor for several compelling reasons, prioritizing our specific needs for functionality, ease of use, and overall satisfaction.

Here's a summary of the five most valuable points that guided our decision:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: We sought a more affordable solution without sacrificing the quality and range of features we needed. This led us to find an alternative that offered better value for our budget.
  • Feature Requirements: Our need for a comprehensive set of features not available in Foxit prompted us to look for a software that could fully support our diverse document management tasks.
  • User Experience: A user-friendly interface was crucial for us. We opted for an alternative that provided a more intuitive and straightforward user experience, enhancing our productivity.
  • Collaboration and Integration: We needed software with superior collaboration tools and seamless integration capabilities with other tools in our workflow, which Foxit did not fully provide.
  • Responsive Support and Positive Feedback: The decision was also influenced by the need for responsive customer support and positive feedback from the user community, ensuring that we chose a reliable and well-regarded solution.

Ultimately, PDF Reader Pro for Windows emerged as our chosen alternative, offering a robust and versatile platform that excelled in meeting these critical requirements.

The simplest method to get PDF Reader Pro's key features is to click the download button below:

Get Started with PDF Reader Pro Today!

Get Started with PDF Reader Pro Today!