How to Combine PDFs into One Document?

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When we work or study, we usually use files in PDF format for reading, sharing, and storing. 

PDF files have many advantages that can improve the efficiency of office or study. It has many advantages as below:

  • Avoid deleted or modified by others

  • keep the original document typeset

  • Easy to print or store

If you are a government worker or legal professional, there are a large number of documents to be processed every day. In a sea of hundreds or even thousands of files, it can often be difficult to find what you need.

Combining similar PDFs into one document is an easy solution to this difficulty, but how do you merge documents? 


1. How to combine pdfs on Windows

PDF Reader Pro has a user-friendly experience, allowing you to focus more on work and reduce time costs. You can directly combine multiple PDFs on your Windows.

Combined into one PDF document, it is easy to manage, archive, share, and review.

When you need to combine PDF files in Windows, follow the instructions below to combine PDFs with PDF Reader Pro quickly.

1. Download PDF Reader Pro online.

2. Following the steps to combine your pdfs.

Home - Open files(one PDF) - Click Editor - Merge - Add Files(other PDFs) - Merge .

You can also check the details in this help FAQ: "How to Merge and Combine PDF Files on Windows

PDF Reader Pro could help you easily combine multiple PDF documents, reorder pages, and choose page ranges. 

With its "Move up" and "Move down" buttons you can reorder pages. And you can choose each single PDF page range by clicking the "Page Range" button.

You can check the steps as follows:

1. After you upload files, left-click each file you want to choose the page range.

2. Left-click "Page Range", and then you can choose specific pages.

3. Left-click each file, and you can reorder pages with "Move up" or "Move down". 

combine pdfs-reorder pages

By experiencing the merging function of this software, you can find that the user experience of this software is very good and can satisfy users in many details.  

What's more, this software is kept updated to optimize its functions to meet more users' needs. Such as OCR functions on the Windows version. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback when you use it, you can directly click the "Help" button to contact the support team by Email. And usually, you can get a reply within one working day.  

Outstanding customer service makes PDF Reader Pro loved by millions of people, and user feedback helps it grow healthily.  If you want to combine pdfs into one document, highly recommend using it. 

2. How to combine pdfs on your Mac computer?

If you are a Mac computer user, you don't need to download any third-party software. 

The macOS comes with built-in PDF tools, including the Preview app and Finder.

Combine PDFs in the Preview app: 

1. Open the PDFs you want to combine in the Preview app.

2. In each open PDF, choose View > Thumbnails to display the page thumbnails in the sidebar.

3. Drag thumbnails from one file to the other PDF. Command–Click to select multiple thumbnails, you can Drag thumbnails to reorder them.

4. To save, choose File > Export as PDF to save your merged file.

Merge PDFs on Mac using Finder:

1. Launch the Finder app on your Mac.

2. Hold the Command key and click the files you want to merge.

3. Right-click or Command-click the selected files to access various options.

4. Go to Quick Actions > select Create PDF to combine the files you selected. 

5. The Finder will create a new PDF file in the same folder.

Combine PDFs with PDF Reader Pro for Mac:

combine pdfs on mac

If the built-in tools don't provide all the features you need, you can use the PDF Reader Pro for Mac. Download and install the application, you can directly merge multiple PDFs into one document now. In addition to the merge function, you can also comment, convert, edit and sign PDF forms.

This faq will show you step-by-step easy instructions on how you can do it in less than a minute. If you have any questions when you use our application, kindly contact us and we will be happy to help. Thank you.

3. What is the best PDF combine APP for iPhone?

There are so many PDF combined apps available for iPhone. If you want to choose one app with rich features you may need to pay a subscription fee. Some of the Apps have a high subscription price but are only available for one year.

PDF Reader Pro for iOS only needs $24.99 for a permanent license. It's an all-in-one PDF reader and editor tool to fully satisfied all kinds of operations on PDF documents.

So how do combine PDFs on iPhone? You can check our detailed instructions here.

combine pdfs-on iPhone

4. How can I merge multiple PDF files by Android?

whether you're combining PDFs for your monthly report, submitting a business project, or just organizing your PDF documents on your Android phone. 

Learn how to easily merge PDFs into one document from anywhere using your Android phone. 

To merge pdf files on Android, you need a reliable app that is specially designed for merging pdf documents on Android devices. Fortunately, you already got the one that works best for your needs: PDF Reader Pro for Android.

You can combine multiple files in simple steps:

1. Search PDF Reader Pro on your Google Play.

2. Download it and install it in several seconds.

3. Following the steps as here.

5. What's the easiest way to combine PDFs online?

Online PDF combiner is the easiest way to combine PDFs. 

1. Search On Google, 'Combine PDF File online'.

2. Open Any Website And Upload Your PDF Files.

3. Click Merge to Combine PDF File.

4. Your PDF Files Successfully Combined, You Can Download On Computer.

Combining PDFs online is easy and fast, but if you want complete privacy only combine PDFs offline with PDF Reader Pro. 


The above solutions will let you combine PDFs into one file with different platforms.

You can merge your files with PDF Reader Pro from anywhere and at any time.

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