How to Rotate Pages in PDFs

Fri. 16 Dec. 202241603 Mins

When reading a PDF book, the page rotated incorrectly will definitely cause a terrible reading experience. There are many reasons why PDF rotated incorrectly, for example, accidentally scanning a few pages upside down while scanning a pile of documents or a book. We can’t avoid accidental events but we can rotate pages to normal position with the PDF tool.


We always consider PDF as the most stable format since the text box and pictures in PDFs will keep the same no matter what device you use to read them. What’s more, thanks to its small memory footprint, PDF files are preferred by lots of office workers. However, it is still a problem to rotate PDF pages like rotating a photo on your phone without the help of PDF tools. Therefore, powerful PDF software is essential for those who have to scan lots of documents every day or check various design drawings in PDF format. 


PDF Reader Pro gives you a perfect solution to rotate pages. You can rotate a single page, desirable pages, or all pages in a PDF with PDF Reader Pro. But first of all, you need to download PDF Reader Pro.


How to Rotate a Single or a Few Pages in a PDF?

From Page Edit Tool

You can easily rotate a single page or some pages with Page Edit tool. Here is a simple step-by-step guide:

1. Click Page Edit;

2. Select a single page or press Ctrl to choose multiple pages;

3. Tap Rotate.

Go here to get a video tutorial.



From Thumbnail Panel

Another way to rotate the page is by using the Thumbnail Panel. You can rotate the page through the left side panel without leaving the reading page.

1. Click Thumbnail on the left side to show the Thumbnail panel;

2. Select a single thumbnail or press Ctrl to choose multiple thumbnails;

3. Right-click the selected thumbnail and choose Rotate Counterclockwise or Rotate Clockwise.



If you want to rotate all pages at once, you can do it with a simple click of the mouse.


How to Rotate All Pages in a PDF?

1. Open a PDF with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Right-click on the reading page, then choose Rotate All Pages Clockwise or Rotate All Pages Counterclockwise.



Besides rotating pages, you can also delete, extract, and insert pages with PDF Reader Pro. With the powerful page edit tool, you can manage and edit pages with ease!


Edit PDF Pages with PDF Reader Pro!

We always get a variety of materials in PDF format through various channels. However not all the contents are useful, so what will you do if you want to delete some unnecessary information? Deleting the unwanted page is a convenient way. Similarly, if a large PDF document only contains a few needed content, you can use the page extract tool to extract the specific pages and save them as a new file.


How to Delete Pages?

1. Click Page Edit and select the useless pages;

2. Tap Delete;

3. Or you can choose the unwanted pages from the thumbnail panel on the left side, then right-click the page and tick Delete.


How to Extract Pages?

1. Click Page Edit on the toolbar;

2. Select the desired page (press Ctrl to select multiple pages);

3. Tap Extract and click Extract in the pop-up window;

4. Or you can choose other extraction options such as: Odd Page Only, Even Page Only.


PDF Reader Pro enables you to Insert a page(s) into a PDF. If you find some useful content in another PDF document, you can quickly move them to the current document with the page edit tool instead of copying and pasting. In addition, inserting a blank page is also available for you.


How to Insert a Page in a PDF?

1. Click Page Edit and tap Insert;

2. Choose from Blank Page or From PDF;

3. Customize page position.


If you want to Crop pages, click here.


In general, what PDF Reader Pro can offer you is rich page edit tools that help you better manage and edit your PDF files. You don’t have to worry about the upside down pages disappointing you since you can rotate pages freely. Besides the function we mentioned above, PDF Reader Pro is also a powerful PDF Converter and PDF Annotator. Click Here to know more about PDF Reader Pro. Click Download to get a 7-day free trial. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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