10 Best Remote Working Software You Need in 2022

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Remote communication is not a problem in a digital era like today. Nowadays, remote communications are not solely focused on interacting with one another but have expanded into the world of business and collaboration. This has been a background reason why remote working software has become more and more popular over the years.


Today, modern technologies allow us to work regardless of our location. You and your team members can easily collaborate and host meetings from wherever you are, no matter how far away you are, with just a computer, webcam, and software, people can still work together and finish their tasks on time. And what's even more surprising, this work-from-home culture makes everyone more productive and helps them achieve better results.


What remote working software should you choose? Choosing the right remote working software for you, your team, or even your company can be tricky because choosing the wrong software in the long run, can increase your workload, waste more time, hinder progress, and this will eventually lead to replacement costs. In this article, we have provided 10 incredible remote working software which have advantages in their respective categories. Read this article till the end to get the most suitable and profitable option for your work.


1. Remote Project Management Tools

2. PDF Document Manager and Note Taking App

3. Remote Team Management Tools

4. Distant Communication Softwares

5. Time Management Tools


Remote Project Management Tools

1. Asanas

If you are looking for software that allows you to manage multiple tasks in real-time, Asana is the right tool for you. Asana features such as instant messaging, organizing tasks into special task lists, and task completion notifications packaged in a Kanban board or Gantt Chart will make it easier for you to manage the progress of your tasks, track progress, and performance of each team member from time to time. Asana is very suitable software especially if you work in a team that is not too big. Asana also provides a profile feature for each team member, allowing each team member to interact with the other inside the platform.

Key Features:

● Asana allows you to prioritize your tasks to different times according to the plans you have. This feature helps you keep on track with your goals.

● You can track your time and workload in real time.

● Numerous templates for your projects from product development, to finishing and save preparation time.

● Asana provides a platform for commenting and discussing tasks and collaborations.



2. Trello

This software is one of the software that is not only suitable for remote working team management but also very suitable for individual tasks. Trello features cards that are typically used to serve as reminders for your individual workflow. You can edit this card feature, arrange it, give it a deadline, color, and so on. With this feature, besides your performance with your team being organized, your workflow can also be neatly arranged.

Key Features:

● Helping you work in an organized and procedural manner with the automatic notification feature.

● Provides many templates to save your time.

● Trello board feature that allows you to monitor the progress of your project from time to time. Also equipped with task cards that make it easier to understand.


PDF Document Manager & Note Taking App 

3. PDF Reader Pro - Easy to Use PDF Document Manager

Apart from having an organized list and schedule of your tasks, having a complete PDF document management software is also important. An effective workflow for editing and managing your daily documents quickly and effortlessly is needed, and PDF Reader Pro can help you achieve this. PDF Reader Pro is an exceptional PDF management software that allows you to do your tasks from start to finish within one app. With PDF Reader Pro, you can convert your file to multiple formats, edit your PDF, add images to your PDF, split, compress, merge, or any PDF-related tasks. On top of that, the interface is simple and easy-to-understand making it very suitable for novice users without much of a learning curve. PDF Reader Pro ticks all the boxes of all the criteria that a remote working document management software should have. DOWNLOAD PDF Reader Pro right now and get started.

Key Features:

● Convert your documents from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, Text and vice versa in a matter of seconds.

● Allows you to provide important comments or notes in your PDF documents, and is equipped with other Annotation Tools such as Highlights, Underline, Links,etc.

● Sign your documents electronically with a keyboard, trackpad, or image with customizable rules.

● Allow you to create new PDF files or manage, edit, add text or images, delete your PDF content, all of this can be performed within the app.

● PDF Reader Pro is equipped with OCR tools which are available in many languages ​​with an easy-to-understand interface.



4. Notions

If you are looking for a new user-friendly note-taking app, Notion might be your perfect choice. Notion has a simple and clean interface that makes it easy for users to find the features they are looking for. Notion also offers you to place all your notes in one place. You can also share it into several folders and embed images or videos into your notes. Apart from taking notes, Notion can also help you to keep on track regarding your project deadlines. Besides that, Notion has been integrated with several applications that have high productivity such as Google Drive so that it allows you to store your files safely.

Key Features:

● Notion is perfect for managing projects that are not too large in scale and suitable for individual use.

● Notion is very suitable for use by people with a creative spirit. This software offers many templates that you can customize at will.


Remote Team Management Tools

5. Talent Desk.io

This software can be a suitable choice for those of you who often work in teams remotely. One of the outstanding features of Talent Desk.io is its ability to help you find talents and applicants who are suitable for the tasks that will be offered. Apart from that, this platform also functions as a management tool for remote team projects that gives you the ability to track project progress, deadlines, required budgets and provides transparency to each team member so that each team can access and share documents related to the project. being worked on even remotely. All members of the team can discuss in real time and be on the same page when tackling challenges.

Key Features:

● Talent Desk.io provides talent search and remote team working manager features in one software that allows you to save costs.

● This platform allows you to track the progress of your project as well as discuss complex projects with your team in real time.



6. Slack

Working remotely can be a problem if communication between teams is not smooth. Slack is a remote team management tool that promotes communication as one of the keys to successful remote teamwork. Slack offers features similar to social media where you can communicate with your team via chat rooms, together with all team members or privately. Apart from that, you can also make audio or video calls and share important files to maintain harmonious communication between team members. By maintaining communication, team productivity will be maintained and even increased. As a remote team management, Slack is a complete package. This platform allows you to control the progress of your projects in real time as well as notifications regarding deadlines etc all available in one place.

Key features:

● Communication tools in Slack including chat rooms, audio and video calls are effective communication channels with teams and clients to share files and information.

● Slack allows you to perform routine actions such as checking or discussing with the team automatically.


Distant Communication Softwares

7. Zoom

Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. Now, although most people have returned to work as before, Zoom has positioned itself as one of the most ideal platforms for communicating via video, meetings, screen sharing, holding webinars, virtual conferences, which can connect people from all over the world. .

Key Features:

● Zoom supports creating virtual special events such as conferences and webinars.

● The Whiteboard Tool in Zoom allows you to present your materials or lessons. You can also add text or images during the presentation.


8. Crankwheel

This platform is a suitable platform for product marketing with screen sharing. With Crank Wheel, you can showcase your products to any potential customer from anywhere around the world. Even though this platform has been used by many sales teams, you can still use this application because this software is friendly for new users.

Key Features:

● Screen Sharing on Crank Wheel is very practical and prospects will be easy to understand for potential customers.

● Crankwheel allows you to provide remote control access to your potential customers so they can also provide feedback.


Time Management Tools

9. Timecamp

If you are looking for software to maximize the productivity of your time and that of your team, Time Camp might be the software for you. With this platform, you can track how your team is using their time especially when working on projects. Through this software, you can decide on a suitable time management in completing your project with your team. If you don't work in a team, you can also use Time Camp as a tool to improve your habits, plan one week or one month ahead regularly so you can use your time more productively.

Key Features:

● Time Camp allows you to track the productivity of your workers or team members.

● Integrates with other high-productivity team management tools such as Asana and Trello.


10. Hubstaff

If you are a manager who wants to know how productive his team is performing, Hubstaff could be a great choice for you. Hubstaff allows you to find out how work time is spent by your team while in the process of working on tasks. By knowing this, you gain insight into the level of productivity of your employees. In addition, these results can be considered for creating a new management model so that employees can work more productively.

Key Features:

● With Hubstaff, you can find out how productive your employees or team members are.

● Adding notes or comments while keeping your productivity on track within the software.


Benefits of Remote Working Softwares

Now, distance is not a barrier for you to communicate or complete your work online. With the software described above, you can perform many tasks anytime and anywhere alone or with team members. The tools above will help you to keep on track, executing your work from start to finish. You can choose which app suits your needs based on the categories we have created and the key features that stand out.


Bottom Line

Finding the right software for remote work is not easy for your project and requires careful consideration. This article provides you with useful insights for any type of remote tasks or projects tools that you need. Whether you work as a freelancer, manager, or work in a team, these tools offer the essentials in completing your project and keeping you productive.

All of the above are some exceptional remote working tools that will definitely help you manage your task from start to finish. If you still feel uncertain about which one, we recommend you to download all of these apps and experience them by yourself. Click here to download the best PDF document management software, PDF Reader Pro and get a 7-day free trial. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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