How to OCR in Adobe Alternatives in Healthcare?

Thu. 11 May. 20233533 Mins

OCR is a technology that allows us to convert scanned images and documents into editable texts. OCR has become increasingly important in healthcare to keep medical records up to date, accurate and easily accessible. In this article, we will discuss OCR, how it works, and how to use it in Adobe alternatives in the healthcare industry. We will also recommend using PDF Reader Pro for OCR-related tasks.


What is OCR?

OCR is a technology that allows scanned images of documents and texts to be converted into digital text that is editable by a computer. OCR bypasses the need for manual transcription and makes large amounts of text immediately accessible and editable. OCR technology operates by analyzing the pixels in an image and interpreting them as letters, numbers, and symbols.


How does OCR work?

OCR technology utilizes complex algorithms to "read" the pixels of an image or scanned document. These algorithms analyze the patterns of light and dark pixels to recognize appropriate letters, words, and sentences.


OCR begins with pre-processing, which follows these steps:

1. Cleaning - This step removes any noise accumulated in the image due to scanning or camera.

2. Skew Correction - This step establishes a straight angle for text recognition.

3. Binarization - This process converts colored or gray-scale images to a simpler black and white, which makes it easier for OCR algorithms to distinguish letters or words.


After preprocessing the image, the OCR software utilizes pattern recognition to recognize letters, numbers, and words accurately. Different OCR software includes various algorithms, but most use a combination of techniques such as neural networks, pattern recognition, and machine learning.


OCR in Healthcare

OCR plays an essential role in healthcare. Embracing OCR technology can save healthcare professionals time and reduce errors when accessing medical records. OCR can digitize data easier for transmission, retrieval, and storage of medical documentation, enabling professionals to share medical records with timely accuracy.


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OCR technology in healthcare makes paper-based record-keeping a thing of the past, providing fast and accurate access to key medical information. OCR can assist in identifying allergies, lab results, medication histories, and doctor notes that may relate to a patient's current condition.


How to OCR using Adobe Alternatives such as PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a powerful and reliable PDF software that lets you easily perform a range of tasks related to OCR. Here are the steps to use OCR in PDF Reader Pro:

1. Download and Install PDF Reader Pro

You can download PDF Reader Pro for free directly from the official website. You can try OCR functionality for free during your trial period.


2. OCR the PDF

After installing PDF Reader Pro, open the software and click on the "OCR" button in the toolbar.


3. Choose the OCR style

Once you have selected your PDF files, you are then given the option to choose different OCR styles. 


Then you can Select OCR Language among 90+ languages, OCR Plan between Plan 1 (Online) and Plan 2 (offline), and Page Range among All Pages, Current Page, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only or set your desired pages.



Select a suitable style that best fits the use case.


4. OCR in action

Once you choose the OCR style, the software begins to extract text from the image, and the software displays the OCR recognized converts within seconds on the screen. You can preview the OCR result on the right.


5. Save your OCR document

Finally, save your OCR document by clicking on the "Save as TXT"/ "Save as PDF" button in the pop-up windows.


Why use PDF Reader Pro?

PDF Reader Pro is a versatile and user-friendly application for OCR and related tasks. It offers all of the OCR features available in Adobe solutions at a much more affordable price point. PDF Reader Pro is faster, more affordable, and better suited to healthcare professionals' needs. As a best PDF OCR software Mac, PDF Reader Pro supports the recognition of different texts in more than 90 languages, including English, Chinese, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and more.




OCR is an essential technology for healthcare, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions by reducing errors and improving access to medical information archiving. The best OCR solution for healthcare professionals is an option that is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable, such as PDF Reader Pro.


Using PDF Reader Pro to OCR PDF documents have never been more comfortable, With just a few clicks you can get your documents digitized and ready for further use. Even better, PDF Reader Pro software is much cheaper as compared to Adobe alternatives, OCR is an added feature which is very useful for Healthcare Professionals who aim to save time doing text recognition tasks.


By following the instructions above, you can quickly OCR your PDF documents in PDF Reader Pro and benefit from its speed, affordability, and multiple OCR-style options. Download the free trial of PDF Reader Pro today and take advantage of its OCR features to enhance the way you manage your Healthcare documents.

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