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PDF Expert vs. PDF Reader Pro: Which One is a Better PDF Editor?

Comparing PDF Expert and PDF Reader Pro, although both offer robust PDF capabilities, which one is better? Find out in our in-depth comparison.
PDF Expert vs. PDF Reader Pro: Which One is a Better PDF Editor?

PDF Expert and PDF Reader Pro offer distinct features for handling PDF documents in the competitive field of PDF editing, ideal for all devices, including mobile.

PDF Expert is known for its intuitive interface and advanced image editing features, ideal for users in the Apple ecosystem seeking powerful viewing and markup tools.

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What are these Tools and their Use?

PDF Expert

PDF Expert offers an intuitive interface and advanced PDF editing capabilities, especially for Apple ecosystem users. It excels in editing PDF documents and files, with features like electronic signature, image file editing, and PDF forms management.

Image source: PDF Expert

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Key features include:

  • Powerful annotation tools.
  • Efficient text editing.
  • Security services against online attacks, making it suitable for handling business documents.

Image Source: PDF Expert

PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro is a cost-effective, comprehensive PDF editor for various platforms. It supports multiple file formats and offers advanced features like optical character recognition and digital form filling.

PDF Reader Pro tool screenshot
Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Known for its exceptional security features, including document redaction and encryption, PDF Reader Pro caters to casual and heavy PDF users with its intuitive interface and advanced content manipulation tools, which are ideal for personal and business use.

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Comparison Table


PDF Expert 

PDF Reader Pro

Intuitive Interface

Well-designed and intuitive for Apple users Comprehensive and intuitive across various platforms

PDF Editing Capabilities

Advanced features for PDF files and image file editing Wide range of editing tools for PDF documents, including advanced text and image editing

Annotation Tools

Innovative annotation tools, including freehand drawing and highlighter marker Extensive annotation features with additional markup options

Form Handling

Efficient in handling PDF forms, including tax forms Advanced tools for filling and creating digital forms

Security Features

Exceptional security features for protecting PDFs Robust security solutions, including document redaction and encryption

File Compatibility

Supports standard image and PDF file formats Compatible with multiple file formats for diverse document types

Unique Selling Point

Known for its powerful viewer and seamless integration with Apple Ecosystem Stands out for its comprehensive functionality, including OCR and cross-platform fillable forms

User Experience

Tailored for casual users with a focus on ease of use Geared towards both light and heavy PDF users, offering continuous updates and advanced reading tools


Offers a one-time payment option Provides affordable editing options, often with a one-time payment

Choosing the right PDF tool can significantly impact your document management experience.

PDF Reader Pro stands out for its robust feature set, combining advanced editing options, comprehensive security features, and an intuitive interface.

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Our Experience

PDF Expert and PDF Reader Pro are both esteemed PDF editing tools, each with unique strengths.

PDF Expert is known for its advanced image and text editing features, intuitive interface, and integration with the Apple ecosystem, making it a great choice for Apple users. It excels in encryption and offers a simple, one-time payment model.

PDF expert website screenshot
Image source: PDF Expert

On the other hand, PDF Reader Pro stands out with its comprehensive editing tools, exceptional security features, and versatile form-filling capabilities.

It supports various file formats and offers cross-platform compatibility, making it ideal for varied business documents. PDF Reader Pro's pricing model is also flexible, catering to a broader range of users.

PDF Reader Pro tool screenshot

Image Source: PDF Reader Pro

Both tools offer powerful features for PDF documents, but PDF Reader Pro's extensive toolset and adaptability give it an edge in versatility.

"Before discovering PDF Reader Pro, I was merely grazing the surface of PDF tool capabilities. Now, I've achieved complete command over my documents, experiencing document management on an entirely new level."
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Which PDF Tool is Better?

When compared to other PDF tools like PDF Expert, PDF Reader Pro distinctly stands out as the superior choice for a broad spectrum of users. Its versatility in handling various PDF tasks and exceptional security features make it ideal for personal and professional use.

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The one-time payment option further enhances its appeal, offering a cost-effective solution without sacrificing advanced features.

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Its intuitive interface is particularly noteworthy, simplifying complex tasks and making PDF editing accessible to everyone. PDF Reader Pro is undoubtedly the better choice for those seeking a comprehensive, secure, and user-friendly PDF tool.

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