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Adobe Online Editor or PDF Reader Pro? A Comparative Review

Comparing Adobe Editor vs. PDF Reader Pro, the review examines key feature differences to find the best fit for PDF editing.
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This comparative review of Adobe Online Editor and PDF Reader Pro delves into their capabilities in handling PDF documents, from basic conversions to complex digital document editing. It examines features like PDF forms, optical character recognition, and compatibility across devices, including mobile apps.

The review emphasizes each tool's advanced features, security measures, and user interface, catering to a range of users from casual to heavy PDF users, ensuring an informed choice for specific editing needs.

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What are these Tools and their Use?

Adobe Online Editor - Browser-Based Editor

Adobe Online Editor is an online PDF editor ideal for editing PDF files directly in a browser. It's user-friendly for casual and heavy PDF users, offering basic editing tools and easy access to online services. This tool is suited for those needing to edit digital and paper documents, including PDF forms, to use on your device without installation.

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PDF Reader Pro - Mobile/Desktop PDF Editor

PDF Reader Pro is a comprehensive, all-in-one PDF software suite that provides a powerful solution to edit PDF files. It supports various file formats and offers advanced features like OCR, cloud storage services, and digital signatures. Ideal for intensive PDF users, it caters to detailed document creation, editing, and management needs across various devices.

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Comparison Table


Adobe Online Editor

PDF Reader Pro

Primary Use

Online editing of PDF documents Comprehensive PDF software suite

User Accessibility

Suited for casual users Ideal for heavy PDF users

Converter Tools

Basic online PDF Converter & Merger
Powerful, Speedy Converter & Merger

Intuitive Features

Basic editing tools, support for image formats Advanced editing, OCR, and security features

Document Management

Limited functionality for document management Robust document management with cloud integration

Editing Capabilities

Simple PDF editing tasks Extensive editing, suitable for complex documents

User Experience

Streamlined for quick online modifications Intuitive and rich in features

Additional Offerings

Basic image files and PDF forms support Advanced workflows, comprehensive functionality

File Support

Supports essential PDF and image formats Supports a wide range of file formats

Advantageous Features

Simplicity and quick access Powerful tools, premium features, and versatility

Cost and Subscription

May require annual subscription for premium tools
Cost-effective with extra features access, has an annual subscription option


PDF Reader Pro stands out for its user-friendly interface and versatile reading, form filler feature, and electronic signature, making it ideal for users who need an efficient and intuitive tool for interacting with PDFs.

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Our Experience

Adobe Online Editor, a component of the Adobe Acrobat suite, excels in basic online PDF editing and collaboration, offering features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), image file handling, and PDF forms editing. It's ideal for casual users or those who require quick, straightforward online PDF edits. This online tool seamlessly integrates with the Adobe ecosystem, making it a preferred choice for Adobe product users.


In contrast, PDF Reader Pro stands out for its comprehensive feature set, targeting heavy PDF users with advanced editing needs. It offers extensive functionalities, including document redaction, robust security features, and compatibility with a variety of digital and paper document formats. Notable for its intuitive user experience, PDF Reader Pro handles complex document types like editable PDF documents and diverse image formats, making it a versatile, full-featured PDF software suite.

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While Adobe Online Editor caters to simple online editing tasks, PDF Reader Pro is more suited for users seeking a complete solution for advanced PDF editing and document management.

Adobe Online Editor or PDF Reader Pro: FAQ

Can I edit PDF documents on mobile devices using these tools?

Adobe Online Editor: Offers limited mobile device support, primarily for basic editing and viewing PDF files.

PDF Reader Pro: Provides a robust editor app with comprehensive mobile support, enabling advanced editing and interactive document handling on the go.


Are these tools suitable for handling various file formats and digital documents?

Adobe Online Editor: Efficiently handles standard PDF files and forms, with some support for image file conversion.

PDF Reader Pro: Offers extensive support for multiple file formats, including image formats and editable PDF documents, suitable for both digital and paper documents.


Do they offer online services and cloud storage integration?

Adobe Online Editor: As an online tool, it integrates well with Adobe's cloud services but may have file size limitations.

PDF Reader Pro: Provides more comprehensive cloud service integration, including Google Drive, without significant file size constraints.


What about Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and security features?

Adobe Online Editor: Includes basic OCR capabilities and standard security features for PDF documents.

PDF Reader Pro: Offers advanced OCR technology and superior security features, ensuring the confidentiality of documents.


How do these tools cater to different user needs?

Adobe Online Editor: Ideal for casual users requiring simple tool functionalities and online PDF conversion.

PDF Reader Pro: Tailored for heavy PDF users, offering an intuitive user experience with powerful tools and comprehensive functionality for complex project workflows.

"Using PDF Reader Pro has made my daily workday so much easier. I can do everything I need, like combining files or adding notes, all in one place. It speeded my document management and every task I work on."
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Choosing the Best Tool for You

When selecting the ideal tool as a PDF editor, it's crucial to weigh the strengths of Adobe Online Editor against PDF Reader Pro's intuitive features. Adobe Online Editor, an Online PDF editor, is a dependable choice for casual users who require basic editing tools for PDF files and forms. It offers standard features for digital document manipulation, suitable for both paper and image files.

However, for those seeking a more comprehensive solution, PDF Reader Pro stands out. It provides a handful of features, including extensive support for various file formats, optical character recognition for editable PDF documents, and superior security features for confidential documents.

This makes PDF Reader Pro an excellent choice for heavy PDF users who need powerful tools for complex document editing and management on both desktop and mobile devices. Its intuitive user experience and compatibility with cloud services like Google Drive further enhance its appeal, especially for those requiring advanced workflows without the constraints of file size limitations or the need for an online service.

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