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How to Use Our PDF Form Creator

Discover the simplicity of creating customizable PDF forms with our user-friendly PDF Form Creator. Enjoy creating customized forms with PDF Reader Pro.
How to Use Our PDF Form Creator

Want to start your first business or do you need to set up an agreement for renting out your first house? Well, there is a first for everything.

Please follow us as we guide you through this tutorial. We'll show you how easy it is to create a form for any type of contract. Create your contractual agreement as a PDF. PDF forms are universally recognized and they can also be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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How to Use PDF Form Creator Features on Windows?

Explore the functionalities tailored for Windows and streamline your document interaction experience. Explore the power of PDF form creation on your Windows system with our intuitive PDF Form Creator features.

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Step 1: Accessing Form Tools in PDF Reader Pro on Windows

Begin by clicking on "Form" in the toolbar to initiate form-related functions. Whether you're editing an existing document or starting a new one, this step sets the groundwork for creating fillable forms.

Start creating a form on windows

Step 2: Utilizing Our Fillable PDF Form Creator

Explore the menu editing options to use our Fillable PDF Form Creator. Choose the type of form filler element you need, such as list fields, electronic signatures, or other variations of list boxes, catering to your specific requirements.

Fillable PDF Form creator

Step 3: Inserting Fillable Text Fields in Your PDF Form

After selecting your desired form filler element, seamlessly insert it into your PDF document. This action transforms your basic PDF into an editable form, ready for user input.

Insert to Design PDF Form Fillable Text Fields

Step 4: Editing Your Document with Our Form Creation Tools

Enhance your PDF Form file by editing its appearance, adjusting field sizes, and modifying settings using our professional form builder properties. This step ensures your PDF form aligns with your preferences and meets the necessary specifications for a polished and effective document.

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How to Use PDF Form Creator Features on Mac?

This guide walks you through the straightforward steps to make the most of PDF Form Creator features, providing a seamless experience in crafting and refining your documents.

Step 1: Initiate PDF Creation

Start the form creation process by initiating a new PDF document. Utilize PDF Reader Pro's intuitive tools to add text, images, pages, and annotations, tailoring your document according to your specific requirements.

Create a pdf from from scratch

Step 2: Access the Fillable PDF Form Creator

Navigate to the menu bar's editing options and locate the Fillable PDF Form Creator. From there, choose your desired text field type, whether it's list boxes or a list of values. Insert the chosen field onto your document by clicking and dragging it to the desired location.

Access fillable pdf from creator

Step 3: Adjust Fillable Form Settings

Refine the appearance and functionality of your fillable form by accessing the properties tab located at the top right. Adjust the form alignment and other relevant settings to ensure a polished and user-friendly layout. Customize your form effortlessly to meet your specific preferences and needs using PDF Reader Pro's comprehensive editing features.

You can also explore our guide on how to create a fillable form in Word.

"PDF Reader Pro transcends the typical PDF tool experience. Its team is passionately committed to enhancing the document management abilities of modern professionals."
Theodore Cipolla
B2B SaaS Content Marketer
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An Overview of PDF Reader Pro's Form Creation Features

Text Field:

Empower your documents with user-interactivity using the Text Field feature in PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator. Easily add areas for text input, making your PDFs dynamic and customizable for recipients to fill in details effortlessly.

PDF Reader Pro Text Field

Check Box:

Streamline data collection and decision-making with the Check Box feature. Whether for surveys, feedback forms, or lists, PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator allows you to incorporate checkboxes, providing a straightforward way for users to make selections.

Check Box in Form Creator

Radio Button:

Enhance document clarity by utilizing the Radio Button feature. Perfect for multiple-choice questions or exclusive options, PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator enables you to insert radio buttons, ensuring users make single, specific selections within a set of options.Radio Box

List Box:

Simplify data entry and selection processes with the List Box feature. PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator allows you to create dropdown lists, enabling users to choose from predefined options, reducing errors and enhancing the efficiency of your PDF forms.

List Box

Combo Box:

Combine the benefits of a text field and a dropdown list using the Combo Box feature. PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator lets you create versatile forms by allowing users to either select from a list of predefined options or input custom information.

Combo Box


Add interactivity and user engagement to your PDF forms with the Button feature. Whether it's for submitting forms, triggering actions, or navigating within the document, PDF Reader Pro's Form Creator enables you to incorporate buttons, enhancing the functionality and user experience.

Form builder button

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