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How to Use PDF Poster Print Feature

Learn how to use the PDF poster print feature to create large-scale posters from your PDF documents easily. This guide will show you how.
How to Use PDF Poster Print Feature

Have you ever wanted a giant poster of your favorite TV show up on your bedroom wall but couldn't be bothered to pay for and print a poster?

They serve as an effective offline marketing strategy and continue to play a prominent role. If you have a PDF file and wish to create a poster without delving into advanced techniques, this tutorial is tailored for you.

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How to Use PDF Poster Print Feature on Windows

Step 1: Open the PDF file

Launch your PDF Reader Pro application. Open the PDF file that you want to print as a poster.

Open File on PDF Reader Pro

Step 2: Access print settings

Go to the "File" menu or click on the print icon to access the print settings.

PDF Reader Pro print button

Step 3: Choose the poster printing option

Locate the for the "Poster" button. This option is found in the "Print Handling" section.

Print setup
Step 4:
Adjust overlap and crop marks

Specify the size of the poster you want to create. Some PDF readers provide options to set overlap and include crop marks to help you align the sheets when assembling the poster. Adjust these settings if necessary.

PDF Reader Pro page zoom

Step 5: Preview poster layout

This option lets you visually inspect how the poster will be arranged and printed, ensuring that the layout meets your expectations. Use this preview to make any necessary adjustments and guarantee a satisfactory result before initiating the printing task.

Print page preview
Step 6: Print poster

Once you are satisfied with the settings, click the "Print" button to start the printing process.

Print posters on PDF Reader Pro
PDF Reader Pro is available on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac devices!

How to Use PDF Poster Print Feature on Mac

Step 1: Open Your file

Launch PDF Reader Pro Mac and open the PDF file you want to print as a poster.

Step 2: Access poster print settings

Click on "File" in the main menu, choose "Print," then "Pages to Print."

Step 3: Printing Preferences

Set various parameters, including Page Size, Tile Scale, Overlap, Cut Marks, Reverse Pages, Label, Comments & Form, Orientation, and Page Range.

Step 5: Print Poster

Click on "Poster" and click on "Printer".

Step 6: 
Finalize printing

Choose Printer, set Copies, and specify Pages, then click "Print" to generate your posters.

For step-by-step instructions, check our resume resource on printing PDF as a booklet.

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PDF Reader Pro is an invaluable poster printing tool, offering extensive page setup and customization features.

It allows for precise adjustments of page dimensions, orientation, and margins, ensuring your poster fits perfectly for professional printing.

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Additionally, you can enhance image resolutions, add text overlays, and configure advanced print settings directly within the app, enhancing the entire design and printing process to achieve high-quality results.

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