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Tue. 27 Sep. 202217913 Mins

Recently, the official release of iOS 16 has caused widespread discussion. Did you update iOS 16? iOS 16 is a major update packed with useful and smart new features. It enhances your iPhone with new personalization features, smarter visuals and live text technology, and seamless ways to communicate and share. This update is for anyone with a compatible device, and the official release of iOS 16 brings a lot of new features. 


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The functionality of PDF Reader Pro is enhanced with Apple's iOS 16 technology, using PDF Reader Pro in iOS 16 makes it easier and more convenient to access the tools you need, improves your efficiency, and gives you more choices.

Next, we'll take a closer look at the main features that iOS 16 brings, and how to connect part of new features like Focus, Visual Look Up, Live Text, and Mail in PDF Reader Pro.


Lock Screen 

Apple has turned the original fixed Lock Screen into a Custom mode, you can freely set your favorite photos, font styles, and colors, and add Lock Screen widgets such as the weather, calendar, and others you need quick access to. What's more, you can even set up multiple custom Lock Screens as you like, and swipe to easily switch between them.



In iOS 16, your Lock Screen is connected to your Focus. To activate Focus, you can simply swipe to the corresponding Lock Screen without going to the Settings or Control Center to turn it on. Also, you can automatically activate Focus at a set time or location or when using a certain app. For example, you can set a Focus to be activated directly when using PDF Reader Pro.


Next, We'll show you how to quickly activate Focus with PDF Reader Pro:

  • Click Focus in the phone Settings;

  • Set up a default Focus, or tap the plus icon in the upper right corner to custom a new Focus. You can name it as you want, such as PDF Reader;

  • Click Add Schedule, and select PDF Reader Pro in App;

  • After you've set it up, when you open the app, the Focus will automatically turn on.

Note: In addition to using PDF reader Pro, you can also go directly to the corresponding Lock Screen to activate Focus.


Visual Look Up and Live Text

For images, you can long-press the subject of an image, such as animals, people, statues, etc., and then lift it out of the image and put it into Notes, Files, Messages, and other software such as PDF Reader Pro.


For videos, more intelligent live text works. You can pause the video at any frame, select the text, and perform operations such as Copy and Paste, Translate, Convert currency, and more. For example, when you find some useful text in a video and you want to insert it into the PDF file, you can pause the video and copy the text, then paste it into the file in PDF Reader Pro. Also, you are allowed to simply create the copied large text as a new PDF.


Get familiar with how to Lift the subject from an image:

  • Find an image in Photos, Screenshot, Quick Look, Safari;

  • Long press it to lift the subject from the image, and then drop it into the file in PDF Reader Pro.


Learn how to copy live text into PDF Reader Pro:

  • Open a video and pause it;

  • Select the text, copy and paste it to edit the file in PDF Reader Pro;

  • Or you can copy the text, open PDF Reader Pro, then create a new PDF by clicking the right corner menu -> Create from the clipboard.



Mail in iOS 16 allows you to set a time to send later, send it at the time you want, and can easily recall the email before it reaches the recipient's inbox.


After you annotate a file in PDF Reader Pro or extract the images in a file to a new folder, you may need to send the edited or saved files to others. At this time, you can not only share it directly with others through the mail but also use the new features of iOS 16 to send it to others at a scheduled time.


You can refer to the following steps to learn how to send the file in PDF Reader Pro to others later:

  • Open the file you want to share in PDF Reader Pro;

  • Click the icon in the upper right corner, and select Share via, There are several options for you to choose: Document, Flattened Copy, Summary, or Original PDF, you can choose one of them;

  • Or open PDF Reader Pro, click the Edit button in the upper right corner, select the file or folder, and click More in the lower right corner -> Share;

  • Then select Mail, add the recipient, you can long press the send button, and set the time to send later.


Other Features

  • Adds password protection to Hidden or Recently Deleted albums. You need to enter a password or use your Face ID or Touch ID to unlock them.

  • Duplicate photos and contacts will be intelligently identified and you can batch merge them to save more space.

  • The iMessage information can be withdrawn, edited, or canceled. You can edit the message for 15 minutes after sending it, as well as withdraw it within 2 minutes after sending it. 

  • Added battery percentage function for full-screen iPhones (except XR, 11, 12 mini, 13mini), and you can check the battery level in real-time after it is turned on;

  • Face ID works in landscape.


With the technical support of iOS 16, PDF Reader Pro can greatly meet your daily needs, and make it more convenient for you to use multiple features. In the future, PDF Reader Pro will continue to update and optimize features to bring you the best experience. Download and use it for free for more powerful features!

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