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How to Make PDF on iPhone

Do you know how to make PDF on iPhone? Our quick and easy guide will take you through every essential step needed to create PDFs on your iPhone.
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Though convenient, Online PDF creation tools host many security concerns. There's a perpetual shadow of doubt regarding data access, privacy breaches, and unauthorized document sharing. It's like leaving your confidential files on a park bench – anyone could stumble upon them.

Turning to dependable desktop software like PDF Reader Pro is prudent in light of these potential threats. Let's find out how to make PDFs!

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How to Make PDF on iPhone

Check out our concise guide below to find out how to make PDFs using your iPhone and PDF Reader Pro. It all starts by downloading PDF Reader Pro. 

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Step 1: Tap on the "+" icon in the top-right corner of your screen

Step 2: Tap on "Files Browse"

Step 3: Select the file you would like to turn into a PDF

Step 4: Tap the "Share" icon in the top-right corner and then select "Save to PDF"

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How to Make PDF on iPhone: Best Practices

Creating PDF files on your iPhone doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s a simple process that can greatly enhance the way you manage and share documents. Here are some best practices for creating PDFs on iPhone, ensuring quality and efficiency.

  1. Utilize the Built-In Features: iPhones come with the convenient ability to create PDFs directly from the Safari browser, Mail app, and Photos. You can typically use the 'Share' button found in the top-right or bottom-left corner of your screen, select the 'Print' option, and use the preview image to generate a PDF. This practice is useful for converting various file types, like web pages or images, to a PDF format.

  2. Manage PDFs with the Files App: Your iPhone’s Files app isn’t just for storage. It’s an effective tool for managing your documents, including PDFs. You can save, organize, and even directly create PDF files within this app. It’s advisable to maintain your PDFs here for easy access and management.

  3. Optimize File Size and Quality: Be mindful of your PDF’s file size, especially when dealing with image-heavy documents. High-quality pictures can lead to large file sizes that might be unwieldy to share via email. Using PDF Reader Pro, you can compress these files to a more manageable size, balancing quality and file size.

  4. Create PDFs from Scratch: Sometimes, you might need to create a PDF document from scratch, rather than converting from another format. In such cases, instead of searching for a third-party app, use PDF Reader Pro. This comprehensive PDF editor allows you to start with a blank PDF file and add text, images, and other elements as required.

  5. Incorporate Different File Formats: Don’t limit yourself to traditional file formats. With PDF Reader Pro, you can merge various types of documents, including image files, into your PDFs. This versatility is beneficial for comprehensive reporting and documentation.

  6. Scan Physical Documents: Skip the scanning app, and use PDF Reader Pro to convert paper documents into PDFs. It ensures the type of document, whether it's a receipt, form, or report, is preserved in portable document format, which is easily accessible and shareable.

  7. Safeguard Your PDFs: For documents containing sensitive information, security is crucial. Use PDF Reader Pro to encrypt your PDFs and protect them with passwords. This security measure ensures that only authorized individuals can access your information.

By following these practices, you leverage your iPhone’s capabilities to create and manage PDF documents efficiently. PDF Reader Pro elevates this process, offering a range of features that streamline the creation, editing, and sharing of PDFs, ensuring you maintain productivity even on the go.

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How to Make PDF on iPhone: FAQ

Creating PDFs on your iPhone doesn't have to be a complex task. Whether you're dealing with pictures, documents, or spreadsheets, there are straightforward methods to help you create PDFs efficiently. Below, we address some frequently asked questions about making PDFs on an iPhone, focusing on the process and the exclusive features of PDF Reader Pro.

How can I convert a picture to PDF?

Converting images to PDF on your iPhone is simple. You can use the 'Save to Files' option that allows you to select your photo and save it directly as a PDF. For more advanced options, such as maintaining the original file structure or merging multiple images into one PDF, PDF Reader Pro offers a comprehensive solution.

Can I create a PDF from Keynote files?

Yes, you can. When viewing a Keynote presentation, use the 'File' menu to export your project. Choose 'PDF' as your preferred format under the terms of export options. This native option maintains the layout and quality of your original presentation. PDF Reader Pro can also aid in this process, especially if you're looking for advanced markup tools or need to reduce PDF file size while retaining high quality.

What are my options for combining multiple file types into a single PDF?

Your iPhone, by default, doesn’t provide a convenient option for merging different types of files into one PDF. However, with PDF Reader Pro, you can combine a plethora of files, including typical file formats like documents, images, or spreadsheet files, into one PDF. The process is straightforward and does not compromise the original file structure.

How do I reduce the size of a PDF on my iPhone?

Reducing PDF file size on an iPhone can be challenging without the right tools. While online tools are available, they may risk your file's security. PDF Reader Pro presents a secure, optimal option with its file size reduction feature, ensuring your document remains intact and secure.

Is it possible to remove a password from PDF files on my iPhone?

Yes, but standard iPhone features don’t support this. PDF Reader Pro, a powerful tool in your arsenal, allows you to securely remove passwords from PDF files. This feature is crucial when you need unrestricted access to your documents quickly.

Can I edit PDFs on my iPhone?

Certainly! Your iPhone has basic options for PDF annotation. However, for a plethora of editing options including free-hand drawing tools, text editing, and extensive markup capabilities, PDF Reader Pro is your go-to app. It transforms your device into a powerful PDF editor.

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Through these FAQs, it becomes evident that while the iPhone offers various inbuilt PDF creation tools, PDF Reader Pro elevates your experience, giving you more control, options, and security in handling portable document file formats. Whether you're dealing with popular file types or need specialized tools for editing, PDF Reader Pro is a comprehensive solution for all your PDF-related tasks.

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