Redact Your File with PDF Reader Pro for Windows V2.3.0

Tue. 09 Aug. 202216843 Mins

PDF Reader Pro for Windows V2.3.0 is coming! You must be excited to see the new function in V2.3.0! 


With the new version, you can redact your file easily with the redaction tool. There may be some doubts in your mind, why do we need a redaction tool? What is ‘Redaction’? This article will tell you the answer.

  1. Why do we need a redaction tool? 

  2. What is "Redaction"?

  3. How does it work in PDF Reader Pro?

  4. Other updated features.


Why do we need a redaction tool?

As a college student, it is a common situation to share papers with classmates or study groups. However, What if you want to hide some experimental data to prevent plagiarism? As trading companies, they need to hide key information like certificate numbers before sharing the supplier certifications with clients. Is there an effective tool to help them on this occasion? 


You may come up with a solution, placing a black box on the text or annotating the content with a black comment tool. But to tell you the truth, it doesn’t work. The person who wants to get the information can simply delete the bars, or copy and paste the passage to uncover the text you hid. Therefore, we need a tool that can cover the confidential text permanently so that no one can take a shortcut to get private information. PDF Reader Pro helps you to delete some sensitive text with the redaction tool. 


What is "Redaction"?

"Redaction" means you can permanently black out the sensitive information in PDF such as credit card numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and other personal information when the file is shared with the person who is not authorized to see the entire original document. Whether you want to protect business documents for your company or secure your own file, the redaction tool is one of the best choices.


How does it work in PDF Reader Pro?

Now, follow the steps below to redact your PDF files

1. Click Redact on the toolbar;

2. Draw a rectangle over the text or directly choose the text you want to remove;

3. Now, you can change the properties of the redaction or delete the redaction by doing the following;

  1. If you don’t like a black box, right-click the redaction and select properties in the drop-down windows. You can change the Outline Color and Fill Color of the redacted area. It is also possible to add the Overlay Text on the box as well as change the font and color of the text as you wish.



  1. If you want to delete the redaction, right-click the redaction and hit Delete in the drop-down window. Or click the redaction and tap Delete on the keyboard.

4. Right-click the redactions and choose Apply Redactions. Or hit Apply in the upper left corner;

5. Click OK in the pop-up window and select a folder to save the file.



  1. Make redactions default

1. Right-click the redaction you want to set as default -> hit Make Redactions Default.

2. Or right-click the redaction -> hit Properties in the drop-down window -> then tick Make Properties Default in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window -> click OK.


  1. Preset properties of redactions

Click Properties at the top of the reading page and you can set properties for the redactions you are going to add.


  1. Repeat mark across the page

Right-click the redaction that needs to be repeated -> hit Repeat Mark Across the Page -> choose from All Pages, Odd Pages Only, Even Pages Only, and Custom Range -> tap OK and you will see the redactions applied in the specific pages.


Other updated features

Optimize OCR function

Besides the redaction tool, we also update our OCR function, which can recognize more languages accurately. How does OCR help you work efficiently? OCR in PDF Reader Pro helps us to extract texts from image-based or scanned PDFs with no quality and format loss. It will be a great favor to the person who is eager to copy the text in a non-editable picture. If you want to know more about this feature, click "OCR" to get more details.


Update PDF converter

What's more, we have optimized the PDF converter. If you want to convert PDF files to other editable documents, PDF Reader Pro can fully meet your needs. There are various formats for you to choose from,  PDF to Word, PDF to PPT, PDF to Excel, PDF to Image, and PDF to Text. You can easily convert your document with a click of the mouse.


In general, PDF Reader Pro is an all-in-one PDF reader and editor. For a better reading experience on PDF Reader Pro, we highly recommend you update the software or free download PDF Reader Pro for Windows from the official website. Email us at [email protected] if you have any problems.

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