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How PDF Reader Pro's Split View Increases Productivity

Master multitasking with split view. Discover how split view, slide over, and advanced window management can transform your productivity and workflow.
How PDF Reader Pro's Split View Increases Productivity

Imagine a functionality that acts like a second monitor for reading PDFs. That's what PDF Reader Pro's "Split View" feature does for your productivity. 

Below, you will find Windows and Mac version tutorials for PDF Reader Pro's Split View feature. We have also provided a guide on how to max out your productivity using the Split View feature.

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How to Use Split View for Windows

Check out our quick tutorial on using the Split View feature on PDF Reader Pro's Windows version.


Step 1: Click on the "Page Display" tool

Step 2: Head to the "Split View" tool under the "Page Display" menu

Look at the "Split View" sub-menu

Step 3: Choose between vertical and horizontal splits

Now you have full control over your page display.

There you have it, everything you need to master splitting your view with PDF Reader Pro!


How to Use Split View for Mac

Mac users can also use PDF Reader Pro's Split View function to their full advantage. Find out how below. 

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Step 1: Select the "Page Display" tool

Step 2: Consider the "Split View" tool located beneath the "Page Display" menu

Check out the "Split View" sub-menu.

Step 3: Select which Split View orientation you would like

Now you can split your view with PDF Reader Pro's Mac version.

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"Using PDF Reader Pro has made my daily workday so much easier. I can do everything I need, like combining files or adding notes, all in one place. It speeded my document management and every task I work on."
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How Split View Increases Productivity

Let's explore how PDF Reader Pro's Single-PDF Split View can amplify your productivity.

PDF Reader Pro's Single-PDF Split View is more than a feature; it's a productivity enhancer. It allows you to divide your screen to display two different sections of the same document.

This feature brings numerous benefits to your workflow:

1. Streamlined Document Navigation

Navigating through lengthy PDFs can be cumbersome. With Single-PDF Split View, you can view two sections of a document side by side.

This is particularly useful when you need to cross-reference information within the same document, eliminating the need to scroll back and forth continuously.

2. Enhanced Comparative Analysis

Whether you're comparing figures in a financial report or referencing multiple sections in a legal document, Single-PDF Split View makes it easy.

This feature allows for a seamless comparative analysis, as you can view and analyze two parts of the document simultaneously without losing context.

3. Efficient Editing and Review

Editing and reviewing documents are tasks that require the utmost attention. Single-PDF Split View allows you to have the reference material on one side of the screen while making edits on the other.

This setup saves time and ensures accuracy in your revisions and annotations.

4. Interactive Reading Experience

For researchers, students, or avid readers, Single-PDF Split View transforms the reading experience. You can have the main content on one side and supplementary notes or references on the other.

This interactive reading approach minimizes disruption, immersing you in the material.

5. Personalized Viewing Options

PDF Reader Pro respects individual preferences, and the Single-PDF Split View is designed to cater to your unique needs.

Whether you prefer a vertical or horizontal split, or need to adjust the zoom level of each section independently, PDF Reader Pro offers a tailored and comfortable viewing experience.

Elevating Your Productivity Game

PDF Reader Pro's Single-PDF Split View feature is more than a convenience—it's a game-changer in how we interact with digital documents.

It's about working smarter, not harder. By providing a streamlined, efficient, and customizable way to navigate, analyze, edit, and read PDFs, this feature sets the stage for unparalleled productivity.

"Before discovering PDF Reader Pro, I was merely grazing the surface of PDF tool capabilities. Now, I've achieved complete command over my documents, experiencing document management on an entirely new level."
Theodore Cipolla
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Other Types of Split View

While the traditional Split View is immensely useful for multitasking, modern operating systems offer even more advanced features to enhance productivity.

These features provide additional layers of flexibility and functionality, allowing users to manage their screen real estate and workflow more effectively.

Let's explore some of these advanced split view types and their unique functionalities:

  • Split View and Slide Over: Combines traditional Split View with an additional floating Slide Over Window, enabling quick access to a third application without leaving the main workspace.

  • Slide Over Window: A floating pane that can overlay current apps, ideal for sporadically used apps or short tasks, easily dismissible to maintain focus on the Active Window.

  • Maximum Window Metrics: The optimal configuration of open windows for peak productivity, taking into account the size, placement, and contextual use of each Task Window.

  • Window Context and Activity Window Configuration: Tailoring each window (e.g., Current Browser Window, Adjacent Window) to its specific task or function to streamline workflow and minimize distractions.

  • Navigating Between Multiple Windows: Utilizing features like Multi-Window Mode to seamlessly switch between multiple applications (e.g., Current Window, Left Window, Adjacent Split-Screen Window) for complex multitasking needs.

While traditional Split View offers a great way to multitask, exploring other types of split views like Slide Over, understanding the significance of Maximum Window Metrics, and mastering the navigation between multiple windows can profoundly increase your productivity.

Whether it's managing your Active Window, configuring your Task Window, or using the Slide Over App feature, these advanced functionalities provide a more nuanced and flexible approach to managing your digital workspace.

Split View: Best Practices

Split View is a powerful feature for multitasking, allowing users to view and interact with multiple applications or documents simultaneously.

Whether you're comparing data, writing a report while referencing sources, or simply trying to maximize your screen space, mastering Split View can significantly boost your productivity.

Here are some general best practices for making the most out of Split View:

1. Choosing the Right Mode: Full-Screen vs. Split-Screen

Understand when to use Full-Screen Mode for deep, focused work on a single task, and when to switch to Split-Screen Mode for multitasking or referencing multiple sources. The ability to quickly toggle between these modes based on your current task can optimize your workflow and screen real estate.

2. Efficiently Managing Browser and App Windows

Organize your Browser Window and App Window effectively. When using Split View, ensure that each window is allocated the appropriate amount of screen space. The aim is to avoid clutter and maintain focus, so adjust the size of each window according to the task at hand using the App Divider or Center Divider.

3. Utilizing Multitasking Menus and Buttons

Make the most of the multitasking features your operating system or application offers. Familiarize yourself with Multitasking Menus and Multitasking Buttons to swiftly navigate between different views and applications. This reduces the time spent on adjusting your workspace and allows you to concentrate on the task.

4. Maximizing Screen Space with Slide Over and Split View

Use Split View to display two main applications or documents side by side, and consider using Slide Over for auxiliary apps that you might need occasionally. This setup helps you maintain an organized and efficient workspace, ensuring that all necessary tools are within reach without overcrowding your screen.

5. Navigating Efficiently with App Icons and Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your workflow by using App Icons to switch between applications quickly and employing Keyboard Shortcuts to adjust your Split Screen Layouts. This minimizes interruptions to your work, allowing you to maintain focus and efficiency.

6. Customizing Layouts for Optimal User Experience

Tailor your Split Screen Layouts to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether it's choosing between a vertical or horizontal split, adjusting the size of Separate Windows, or deciding on the placement of App Windows, customize your screen space to create a conducive environment for your tasks.

By integrating these best practices into your routine, you can harness the full potential of Split View to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. Remember, the goal is to make technology work for you, enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

"PDF Reader Pro stands out as a powerhouse—robust, adaptable, and economically priced. It has become the cornerstone of my document management, meeting a broad spectrum of needs with ease."
Theodore Cipolla
B2B SaaS Content Marketer
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Split View: FAQ

How do I switch from Single Window to Split-Screen View?

To switch from a Single Window to a Split-Screen View, you often need to click the green button located at the top left of the window. This action typically opens up menu options, allowing you to enter into Fullscreen Mode or Split-Screen View. Once in Fullscreen Mode, you can drag another window to either side of the screen to activate Split-Screen View.

Can I use Split-Screen View and Full-Screen View simultaneously?

Yes, Split-Screen View is essentially a version of Full-Screen View where two applications share the screen. Each app behaves as if it's in Full-Screen Mode, but they are displayed side by side, allowing you to work with both simultaneously.

What are the multitasking options available in Split-Screen View?

In Split-Screen View, multitasking options include working with two applications side by side, adjusting the size of each app window, using Slide Over to view an additional app, and even using Picture in Picture for video content. These options help in managing multiple tasks without the need to switch back and forth between apps.

How do I replace an app in Split-Screen View?

To replace an app in Split-Screen View, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view your dock, then drag the Replacement App to the Split-Screen App you want to replace. Drop it on the side of the screen you prefer, and the apps will switch.

Are menu bars accessible in Split-Screen View?

Yes, menu bars are accessible in Split-Screen View. Each app retains its menu bar, and they are usually located at the top of each app window. This ensures that all functionalities are available in Split-Screen View, just as they are in Single Window mode.

What is the Slide Over Button, and how does it work?

The Slide Over Button allows you to place a third app on the screen in a floating window over the two apps in Split-Screen View. You can use the Slide Over Button to quickly access and interact with a third app without leaving the current Split-Screen setup.

How do I adjust the default size of windows in Split-Screen View?

In Split-Screen View, you can adjust the size of windows by clicking and dragging the Center Divider between the two windows. This allows you to customize the screen space allocated to each app according to your preferences or the demands of your current task.

Is Picture in Picture mode available in Split-Screen View?

Yes, Picture in Picture mode is available and can be used in conjunction with Split-Screen View. This feature is especially useful for watching a video or attending a virtual meeting in a small window while simultaneously working on other tasks in the remaining screen space.

Can I use Split-Screen View on older devices, such as 5th Generation models?

The availability of Split-Screen View on older devices like 5th Generation models depends on the specific operating system and its capabilities. While newer models are more likely to support advanced multitasking features like Split-Screen View, some older models may have limited functionality or not support the feature at all. It's best to check the specifications of your particular device and the requirements of the operating system.

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