How to Make a Thanksgiving Card?

Thu. 24 Nov. 202210913 Mins

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Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday of November in United States. It is such a fabulous opportunity that people always express their appreciation to those who are important to them. The history of Thanksgiving dates back to the 17th century. 


History of Thanksgiving

In 1620, The Puritans suffering from domestic religious oppression migrated to America. They were faint from hunger and cold. Fortunately, Indians sent some life essentials to them and taught them how to hunt, fish, and grow corn. With the help of Indians, the migrants finally get a good harvest. To show their sincere gratitude to the Indians, the Puritans hunt some turkeys and treat the Indians with a feast on a Thursday in late November. Since then, people would gather to celebrate and express their appreciation.  


Nowadays, we often get together to eat turkey. Apart from the family reunion dinner, an elaborate card is the icing on the cake. How to make a delicate Thanksgiving card? Here is a guide.


How to Make Thanksgiving Card

To learn how to make cards in the easiest way possible, you can click here to get a video tutorial or follow the steps below.

  1. Choose a Template

It is such a difficult thing to start with a blank canvas if you are neither good at design nor have plenty of time. For novice designers, choosing a well-designed template and modifying the content in it may be a proper way to start their work. 


PDF Reader Pro offers you lots of editable templates on the official website. The card themes vary from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Click here to find your favorite template and go DIY!



  1. Open the Template with PDF Reader Pro

It doesn't matter if you are not familiar with Photoshop because you can also DIY an exquisite Thanksgiving card via PDF tools. The template you downloaded from the official website is in PDF format, so you can edit the text, add some elements, and even freehand according to your preference as long as you open it with PDF Reader Pro. Therefore, download PDF Reader Pro first.


  1. Insert Desirable Images

Maybe you are not completely satisfied with the content inside the template and want to add more elements to enrich your card. PDF is perfectly capable of doing these. Click Tools

and choose Image, you can add an image to the template. But be aware that you need to insert a PNG image with a transparent background, or the picture will just be like an abrupt squire.



Besides directly downloading a PNG with transparent background on the internet, here is another way to make your image background transparent:

  • Open the image with PowerPoint;

  • Choose Picture Format and click Remove Background;

  • Then right-click the picture and tick Save as Picture. 


  1. Modify Text

What if the text in the template does not accurately express your thought? Never mind, you can modify the content through the Edit tool. Click Edit PDF on the toolbar, then you can edit the text with ease! To add more texts, you can also click Tools -> Text.



  1. Add Freehand 

Personalizing your card with a freehand signature or a simple image will definitely make your card more special. How to add a freehand signature with PDF Reader Pro?

  • Click Tools on the toolbar and select Signature;

  • Tick + New Signature -> Trackpad;

  • Now you can draw with a trackpad freely. 

  • After finishing the drawing, click Save & Apply, and put the signature in the right place.



It is also possible to draw a simple image on the canvas. Click Tools and choose Freehand to begin your drawing. 


  1. Print Your Card

After all the work has been done, you can save the Thanksgiving card as a PDF file or convert it to Image. But the most convenient way is to print the card directly. Following is the step:  

  • Click File on the toolbar;

  • Choose Print.


To convert it to a picture, you can do the following:

  • Choose Converter on the toolbar;

  • Tick To Image.


In general, PDF Reader Pro is not only ideal for processing PDF files but also can help you create a dedicated card. You can enjoy the one-stop service with our rich template and powerful tools. Click here to know more advanced features. Click Download to get a 7-day free trial. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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