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How to Sign a Document and Send it by Mail?

When you receive a document, do you sign it in person and send it back by mail? However, PDF Reader Pro Mac has an easier way to sign a document, which is faster than signing on paper with a pen. Moreover, after signing it, you can send the signed document by mail in a timely and secure manner. In PDF Reader Pro Mac, there are many ways to sign a document and send it by mail.


Sign a Document and Send it by Mail

1. Open a PDF file with PDF Reader Pro Mac;

2. There are four ways to add a signature in Properties;

  • Click Annotate in the menu bar-> choose Signature in the drop-down bar;



  • Click Tools on the toolbar -> choose Signature on the sub-toolbar;



  • Click Fill & Sign on the toolbar -> select Signature on the sub-toolbar;
  • Right-click the page to choose Annotate -> choose Signature in the drop-down bar.



3. Click New Signature -> sign on the Keyboard, Trackpad, or choose Image in the pop-up window;

4. Tap Save, then the new signature will be saved in Properties;

5. There are three ways to send a document by mail.

  • Tap Share on the toolbar -> select Document / Flattened Copy / Original PDF;
  • Tap File in the menu bar to choose Share;
  • Tap File in the menu bar to choose Email Archive;
  • Choose Mail in the drop-down bar -> fill in the recipient’s mail address to complete sending. 




We support customizing a signature.

1. Click New Signature in Properties -> set the signature color, thickness, or font;

2. Choose the desired signature in Properties -> select Opacity or Rotate;

3. Click the signature on the page to zoom in and out.

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