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How to Upgrade PDF to Office on PDF Reader Pro for Mac?

PDF to Office Converter is a major update for PDF Reader Pro. It mainly supports to convert PDFs to Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, Image, Text, HTML, CSV and so on. With the best PDF to Office Converter offline, you can convert your PDFs freely and maintain the original fonts and layouts after conversion.


PDF to Office Converter can be purchased in the following ways:

Buy it from PDF Reader Pro Free Version in Mac AppStore:

- If you are using PDF Reader Pro free version downloaded from Mac AppStore, you can upgrade with Permanent License IAP directly, which includes Premium features and PDF to Office converter. Then you can convert PDF documents to different file formats as you need.


Buy it from PDF Reader Pro Paid Version in Mac AppStore

- You can search PDF Reader Pro on Mac AppStore and purchase PDF Reader Pro paid version with USD $59.99. In this version, you can enjoy some all advanced features like Edit Text, Redact, Organize Pages, Create Forms, Fill, Create PDFs, Watermaks, Security and more except PDF Converter tool. While if you want to use this tool, you can purchase the PDF to Office Converter Pack again within the paid version, which is USD $19.99.


Buy from our Official Website

- If you download PDF Reader Pro from our official website (we call it as PDF Reader Pro DMG), you can find that there are two upgrade plans, Premium (USD $59.99) and Permanent License (USD $79.99). The Premium version supports you to Edit Text and Pages, Create, Watermark, Fill and more advanced features. While the Permanent License plan is equal to Premium plan plus PDF to Office Converter.

- If you already have the Premium version, you can buy PDF to Office Converter within the Premium version.

- You can click here to get a more clearer comparision between the free version, Premium version and Permanent version.



- PDF to Office Converter pack is our new service, officially launched on June 4, 2019. So if you have purchased PDF Reader Pro before this time and want to use the conversion tool, you have to buy the PDF to Office Converter Pack.

- Any other questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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