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Coworker Recommendation Letter PDF Template

What is a Coworker Recommendation Letter?

A coworker recommendation letter is a formal document written by a colleague to endorse a fellow employee for a new job, promotion, or other professional opportunity. This type of letter highlights the coworker's skills, work ethic, and personal qualities, offering a perspective on the applicant's abilities and character from someone who has worked closely with them. It serves as a testament to the applicant's professional achievements and suitability for the desired role, providing a credible and supportive endorsement.


How to Fill in Our Coworker Recommendation Letter PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the Coworker Recommendation Letter template:

  • Header Information:

    • Include your contact details: Address, City, ST, Zip | Phone # | email address.

    • Date the letter: [Today’s Date].

  • Recipient Details:

    • Address the letter to the appropriate person: [Addressee Name].

    • Include their title: [Addressee Title].

    • Add the company details: [Company Name], [Company Street Address], [City, State, Zip].

  • Opening Salutation:

    • Greet the hiring manager: Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],.

  • Introduction:

    • State your recommendation: "I am more than pleased to have the opportunity to recommend [Name of Applicant] for the role of [Target Position] at [Target Company]."

    • Mention your working relationship: "I was honored to work alongside [Applicant] for [X years] at [Your Company Name]."

    • Express admiration: "[Applicant] was always an outstanding member of our team, and I have always been impressed by his professionalism and admirable personal qualities."

  • Detailed Endorsement:

    • Describe specific skills and experiences: "As [Previous Position], [Applicant] demonstrated his [2-3 detailed skills, experiences, or traits relevant to target position]."

    • Provide concrete examples: "In particular, [example 1 proving aforementioned qualities]. Moreover, [example 2]."

  • Personal Qualities:

    • Highlight positive traits: "In addition to [Applicant’s] impressive portfolio of professional accomplishments, he has one of the best personalities I have ever had the joy of working with."

    • Share an illustrative example: "He is a [2-3 positive personality traits] who [example demonstrating those       traits]."

  • Optional Section:

    • If applicable, explain departure positively: "Unfortunately, due to [positive or neutral reason why candidate has left the company] I will no longer have the pleasure of working with [Applicant]."

    • Reassure the hiring manager: "Having witnessed his long track-record of success and admirable character, I assure you that he will more than excel in the role. The words “our loss is your gain” have never been more true."

  • Conclusion:

    • Strongly recommend the candidate: "I wholeheartedly recommend [Applicant] for this position. I am confident he will become an invaluable addition to your team."

    • Offer further contact: "Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding his character or past work."

  • Closing:

    • Sign off formally: Sincerely,.

    • Add your signature and name: [Your Signature], [Your Name].

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