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Employment Verification Letter PDF Template

What is an Employment Verification Letter?


An employment verification letter, also known as a letter of employment or proof of employment letter, is a document provided by an employer that verifies the current or past employment status of an individual. This letter is typically required when someone is applying for a loan, renting property, seeking a new job, or in any other situation where proof of employment or income is necessary.


Key Components of a Typical Employment Verification Letter


  1. Letterhead: The letter is often written on the company's official letterhead to lend authenticity.

  2. Date: The date when the letter was written.

  3. Recipient's Information: If the individual requesting the letter has specified where the letter should be directed, the name and address of the recipient or institution should be included.

  4. Employee's Details: Information about the employee, including full name, position/title, and sometimes the department they work in.

  5. Dates of Employment: The start date and, if applicable, the end date of the employee's tenure at the company.

  6. Status of Employment: A confirmation of whether the individual is a full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract employee.

  7. Salary Information: Depending on the purpose of the letter and with the employee's consent, the letter may include details about the individual's salary, including any bonuses or additional compensation. This is especially common for loan applications.

  8. Statement of Good Standing: Some letters might include a brief statement about the employee's performance or standing within the company, but this is not always standard.

  9. Contact Information for Verification: Providing a way for the recipient to get in touch if they have additional questions or need clarification, usually a phone number or email address for someone in the company's HR department.

  10. Signature: The letter should be formally signed by the authorized person, typically someone from HR or a manager.

  11. Disclaimer: Some companies may include a disclaimer stating that the information provided is confidential and meant only for the specified purpose or that the letter does not constitute a contract or guarantee of continued employment.


When requesting an employment verification letter, it's important for employees to specify the details they need to be included, especially if the letter is for a specific purpose like securing a loan or renting an apartment. It's also essential to request the letter well in advance of when it's needed to ensure there's ample time for the employer to prepare and provide the document.


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