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LinkedIn Recommendation Letter PDF Template

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation Letter?

A LinkedIn recommendation letter is a written endorsement or testimonial provided by a professional connection on LinkedIn, typically describing the skills, abilities, and positive attributes of another individual with whom they have worked. These letters serve as testimonials to the professional capabilities of the individual being recommended and are publicly visible on their LinkedIn profile, enhancing their credibility and reputation within their professional network.


How to Fill in Our LinkedIn Recommendation Letter PDF Template

Follow these steps to fill in the LinkedIn Recommendation Letter template:

  • Recipient Information:

    • Enter the recipient's name and position/title to personalize the recommendation letter.

  • Introduction:

    • Begin with a statement highlighting the exceptional qualities of the individual being recommended, such as their outstanding performance or unique skills.

  • Connection and Duration:

    • Describe how you know the individual and the duration of your professional relationship with them.

  • Noteworthy Skills/Abilities:

    • Highlight specific skills or abilities that make the individual stand out, providing examples or anecdotes to support your claims.

  • Achievements or Results:

    • Mention any notable achievements or results achieved by the individual, showcasing their contributions in a tangible manner.

  • Positive Personality Traits:

    • Discuss the individual's positive personality traits or qualities that have made a positive impact on the workplace environment or team dynamics.

  • Recommendation:

    • Clearly state your recommendation for the individual, expressing confidence in their abilities and suitability for future opportunities.

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