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Proof of Funds PDF Template

What is a Proof of Funds Letter?


A Proof of Funds (POF) letter is a document that demonstrates a person or entity has the financial ability to complete a transaction. Typically used in real estate transactions, the POF is provided by the buyer's bank or financial institution to confirm that they have the required funds or approved financing to buy a property. Such a letter provides assurance to sellers that the buyer has the necessary funds to complete the purchase.


Key Components of a Typical Proof of Funds Letter


  1. Letterhead: The POF is usually issued on the financial institution's official letterhead to establish authenticity.

  2. Date: The date when the letter was issued.

  3. Account Holder's Name: The name of the person or entity that holds the account.

  4. Account Details: The type of account (e.g., savings, checking, or investment) and the account number (often partially obscured for security reasons).

  5. Balance: The current balance of the account or the approved loan amount. Some letters may also show an average balance over a specified period.

  6. Bank's Contact Information: Address, phone number, and other contact details of the bank or financial institution.

  7. Duration: The validity period of the POF letter, after which a new letter might be required.

  8. Signature: The signature of the bank or financial institution's authorized representative.

  9. Disclaimer or Terms: Some POF letters might have disclaimers, noting that the letter does not constitute a financial commitment or guarantee from the bank.


It's essential to note that a Proof of Funds letter differs from a pre-approval or pre-qualification letter:

  • Proof of Funds: Demonstrates that the buyer has enough funds available to complete a purchase.

  • Pre-approval Letter: Indicates a lender has reviewed a buyer's financial information and has agreed, in principle, to give them a loan up to a specified amount, assuming no material change in their financial situation and pending a property appraisal.

  • Pre-qualification Letter: Provides an estimate of how much the buyer might be eligible to borrow based on a preliminary review of their financial information. It's less rigorous and formal than a pre-approval.


When involved in transactions that require demonstrating financial capability, such as real estate purchases, it's a good idea to have a Proof of Funds letter readily available. This can speed up the process and instill confidence in sellers or other involved parties.


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