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Verification of Employment Letter PDF Template

What is a Verification of Employment Letter?


A Verification of Employment (VOE) letter is a document provided by an employer that confirms the employment status, salary, and other relevant details of a current or former employee. This letter is typically requested when an employee is applying for a loan, renting an apartment, or undergoing any other process that requires proof of employment and income.


Key Components of a Typical Verification of Employment Letter


  1. Letterhead: The VOE is usually written on the company's official letterhead to lend authenticity to the document.

  2. Date: The date when the letter was written.

  3. Recipient's Information: The name and address of the entity or person requesting the verification, if known.

  4. Employee's Details: Information about the employee, including full name, employee ID (if applicable), position/title, and department.

  5. Employment Status: Confirmation of whether the employee is full-time, part-time, temporary, or contract.

  6. Date of Employment: The start date with the company and, if applicable, the end date.

  7. Salary Information: Details about the employee's salary, which might include the base salary, hourly rate, bonuses, or any additional compensation. Some VOEs may also include information about raises or future compensation.

  8. Job Description or Responsibilities: A brief overview of the employee's primary roles and responsibilities, if requested.

  9. Statement of Good Standing: Some letters might include a statement about the employee's performance or standing within the company, although this is not always standard.

  10. Reason for Departure: If the employee has left the company, the letter might specify the reason for departure, such as resignation, termination, or end of contract.

  11. Contact Information: Details for a company representative or HR department contact in case further information or verification is needed.

  12. Signature: The signature of the authorized person (often from HR or a manager) providing the verification.

A few considerations regarding Verification of Employment letters:

  • Confidentiality: Salary and other compensation details are sensitive. It's essential to ensure that the employee has consented to the sharing of such information.

  • Accuracy: Make sure the information in the VOE is accurate and up-to-date to prevent potential complications or liabilities.

  • Promptness: Respond to VOE requests in a timely manner, as they are often time-sensitive, especially in situations like loan applications.

If an employee needs a Verification of Employment letter, they should reach out to their HR department or supervisor, as they typically handle such requests.

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