Edit PDF Text

Possible to revise PDF just as do in Word. You can edit, delete, cut, copy, paste and insert texts on PDF easily. It is also possible to change properties of the added content such as color, size, and alignment method. Straight vertical or horizontal lines smartly move with your click to help you accurately align text.
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Edit PDF ImageNew

Rich image editing tools are available. Select the images you want to add and edit them, such as rotating, flipping, cropping, and replacing. You can also resize and move them as needed.
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Edit PDF Page

Organize or reorder PDF pages just by one click. You can add blank pages, replace, rotate, crop and delete pages for better management. It is also available to drag and drop each page to change or rearrange page order in an organized way.
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Split & Merge

Split or merge PDF files for better management. Divide one document into multiple documents, or combine multiple pages from different PDFs and rearrange them in one compact PDF.
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Redact PDF

Use the redaction tool to redact confidential text and images to protect private information. The sensitive text will be blanked out with a black box that cannot be removed.
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Explore More Features

Insert Pages

Choose from blank pages, or borrow pages from another PDF to append into the existing PDF.

Flatten PDF

Flattening makes the PDF contents static, so that your annotations, stamps, signatures and form fields can’t be edited.

Content Selection Tool

Select the area of the text and it can be copied, printed and exported as JPG or PNG.

Edit & Create Outline

Easily add, delete, rename, and reorder outlines for quick navigation of your document. Search outline helps you fast locate.
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