Diverse Tools for PDF Markup

Select annotation tools from highlight, strikeout, underline, freehand and more to mark up the texts or paragraphs in PDFs, change the color of each tool as you like.
pdf annotator

Type Text to Take Notes

Click anywhere in the PDF and add text box or anchored note to type new texts in for focused review. It really helps while taking notes on PDF or giving feedback to others.
pdf annotator

Annotate Dimensions within a PDFNew

Easily measure distances, perimeters, and areas of objects with a few clicks. Whether you're a designer, or architect, or need precise measurements for an important project, this feature will revolutionize the way you work, allowing you to annotate dimensions directly within the file.
pdf annotator

Create & Insert Stamps

Use dozens of predesigned stamps or create your own stamps with texts and images. Or add dynamic stamps with date and time to speed up the whole process.
pdf annotator

Annotate With More Features



Draw anything you desire into the PDF documents! Personalized features to annotate without any limits.


Add images on the PDF pages and place where you want it to be.


Redirect a text or an area to needed destinations by Pages, URL and Email.
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